Geophysicists have discovered an unknown cave

Геофизики обнаружили неизвестную пещеру

In Canada geophysicists conducted studies in the Park, wells gray is located in the province of British Columbia. As a result, they stumbled upon a giant stranger to the cave, which was previously unknown to scientists. She was given the name “Salacca pit”, the length of its entrance is about 100 meters and width of 60 meters.

Meanwhile, the total length of the cave remains unknown to researchers. It is partially filled with water, it does not allow us to perform final measurements, reports

According to scientists, the cave, most likely, was the result of falling water from a height. The waterfall drops into a grotto 15 cubic meters of water per second. Prior to this, experts could not detect this object because most of the year it is covered with snow. However, in recent decades, snow cover has melted due to global warming.

“The cave is just huge. When you first see it, you have breathtaking, because it’s a giant hole in the ground,” said geophysicist Catherine Hickson.

In the near future, the specialists intend to comprehensively explore the unique natural object.