Germany complained about a massive labor shortage

Германия пожаловалась на массовый дефицит рабочей силы

Германия пожаловалась на массовый дефицит рабочей силы

The German company’s massive face a shortage of workers, now half (49%) of businesses have difficulty finding employees. It is stated in the report of the Federal Association of chambers of Commerce DIHK Germany.

Last year, the situation with shortage of labour was similar – about the difficulties reported by 47% of enterprises, informs Deutsche Welle. The biggest problem in the construction industry. Progress is inhibited and the digital infrastructure. According to the head of the DIHK Achim Dierks, these figures may not appear on the prospects for economic growth and innovation potential of the country. Vacant jobs also entail economic losses — up to 30 billion euros per year.

19 December 2018 Germany supported a law that will simplify the migration of skilled personnel from outside the EU. This will help to address the shortage of qualified employees in some sectors. Information from the Federal labour office of Germany shows that there are about 1.2 million vacant jobs – from truck drivers, carpenters, caregivers for the elderly and disabled, to it professionals.

According to the data (DIHK), Germany lacks more frames at 1.6 million According to the forecast, in the next 10 years the country will need 100 of thousands of electrical engineers.

Earlier it became clear that the Czech business is most interested in the Ukrainian workers. Next in the ranking are staff from Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova.

Meanwhile, the Polish business is also ready to fight for Ukrainian workers on the background of the liberalization of migration policy in Germany. Details – in our special materials.