Germany : concerns rise around the déconfinement

Allemagne : les inquiétudes montent autour du déconfinement

Allemagne : les inquiétudes montent autour du déconfinement

The new foci of contamination were reported in the workshops of industrial processing of meat, employing hundreds of foreign workers in conditions of hygiene to be questionable.


May 10, 2020 9: 24

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Germany : concerns rise around the déconfinement

Agence France-Presse

BERLIN — Germany’s records of first worrying signals a few days only after having decreed the beginning of the return to normal in the face of the coronavirus, at a time when other countries such as France and Spain to enter them in the déconfinement.

The national Institute of virology, Robert Koch, in charge of monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, reported on Sunday that an increase in the rate of infection, ironed around the area considered to be potentially dangerous to 1.1.

This rate of “reproduction” measures the average of people that a person suffering from the disease of the COVID-19 will in turn contaminate. A figure of less than 1 suggests that the number of infections tends to decrease, so that a higher level suggests a rise to come.

This figure is increased from 0.7 to more than 1 in just a few days.

Evolution to watch

The institute warned that it was still too early to draw conclusions, but noted in a report that the numbers of infections were “going to have to be monitored very closely in the coming days”.

On Sunday, Germany recorded 169 218 cases of contamination, only 667 more in the last 24 hours, which is little compared to the average of the last few weeks.

The number of deaths stood him 7395, representing a case fatality rate of 4.4 %, lower than that of most other major countries.

In this context, the authorities announced on Wednesday that a gradual return to normal, after the start of the déconfinement on 20 April, with the reopening of primary schools and restaurants.

However, after only a few days of the first misfire is recorded.

Three cantons germans exceed the authorised limit for cases of new infections in the framework of the plan of déconfinement (50 to 100 000 inhabitants), and one of them has already pushed back as a result of the easing measures.

The other five are close to this threshold, according to statistics released Sunday by the institute RKI.

The new foci of contamination were reported in the homes and workshops of industrial processing of meat, employing hundreds of workers from eastern Europe in conditions of hygiene to be questionable.

Several of these workshops have been closed and large-scale tests in this industry in an orderly way.

Merkel angry

These clashes seem to confirm the fears of German chancellor Angela Merkel, who has had to yield to the pressure of the German regions on Wednesday, at a meeting surging, to accept new steps in the déconfinement.

According to several media reports, she has even threatened to resign on this occasion in the face of the willingness of the regions.

The chancellor feared that the population relaxes too quickly and causes a second wave of infections.

“We are in a critical phase, it is to be feared after the first measurements of déconfinement that some people become reckless,” said a leader of the Greens, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, in the daily Handelsblatt.

“The déconfinement has given the signal that the worst is behind us, but this is not true,’ he echoed a responsible social-democratic party, Karl Lauterbach.

Despite the return current to the normal, for a part of the population it’s not going fast enough.

Several thousand people have again demonstrated Saturday including Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne or Berlin, against what remains of restrictive measures, including wearing a mask in shops, public transportation, as well as the prohibition of large gatherings.

The police had made some arrests on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, where a few dozen protesters threw bottles at the forces of the order with cries of “Freedom! Freedom”.

These events bring together supporters of the extreme right as the extreme left.

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