Ghostly Kisses : Travel, travel…

Ghostly Kisses : Voyages, voyages...

Ghostly Kisses : Voyages, voyages...

The author-composer-interpreter Margaux Saved said to observe an interest for the music of Ghostly Kisses in several countries in the Middle East.


June 11, 2020

Updated on June 13, 2020 4h17


Ghostly Kisses : Travel, travel…

Ghostly Kisses : Voyages, voyages...

Ghostly Kisses : Voyages, voyages...

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

The majority of titles Never Let Me Go, fourth minialbum of Ghostly Kisses, are born over the travels of the author-composer-interpreter Margaux Saved, and his accomplice, Louis-Étienne Santais. Ironically, they come at a time when the international career of the artist was actually off and has been hampered by the pandemic. This is only a postponement for the designer of Quebec.

“This fall took place on my first real tour outside, in Europe, note Margaux Saved. We had a tour similar planned for the spring. I am hopeful that we will be able to continue to go out to the people. For the moment, there are more people that know about and follow the project elsewhere in the world than here.”

Created in Quebec city and declined in English, the songs of Ghostly Kisses, attract for a time the ears of the international thanks to platforms listen continuously. For example, the figures that are available on Spotify, show that they are more likely to listen to them in Istanbul and Ankara to Montreal and Toronto. Margaux Saved had an appointment with his Turkish public this spring, before the COVID-19 force to store his passport.

“In Istanbul, we know that there are people who follow us for a good end and that we write. It is a place where I really look forward to, also because it is different in Quebec and our culture,” says the one who also said to observe an interest for his music elsewhere in the Middle East.

“We are trying to understand, it is certain, she adds. You make assumptions on why there has been a growing interest in Iran, in Turkey or in Egypt. I saw on Instagram by a fan who had done a mix of my song Empty Note and the call to prayer. I was really input. I am told that there may be something in the song that speaks to a more spiritual side. It intrigued me. I went to read my words with an angle more spiritual, and I said that people could interpret it this way.”


The six pieces together on Never Let Me Go find their roots in the recent travels of Margaux Saved. In particular it suggests a stay in the Catalan capital during the tumult surrounding the referendum on independence and during which was born the song Barcelona Boy.

“It was starting to stir a bit, but it has picked up still there. One evening, there were demonstrations in the streets so we decided to stay in our little apartment on Airbnb. In travel, I carry always a small keyboard. We had started writing the song at that time”, tells the musician.

“There were different contexts to leave and return who have brought with them different ideas,” she adds. I realized that to change the environment, to see other landscapes, it does us well for a number of reasons and that it is an engine of creation, too.”

Margaux Saved and Louis-Étienne Santais, exploration was also done in music and in the arrangements, a lot more orchestral than electronic bill put forward in the beginnings of Ghostly Kisses.

“We tried new ways of doing business, confirms the author-composer-interpreter. They had the purpose to go to seek more depth in a more human dimension, may be more cinematic. The idea of recording more of the instruments such as the harp, the mandolin, the guitar and even the drums, something we had never done before, is coming from there. For the rest, it could be that we are trying yet another way. We like a lot of things and I don’t think that there is only one way to do…”

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