Glass : The trailer, oppressive, Bruce Willis confronts the Beast of James McAvoy

The trailer of Glass focuses on the duel between Bruce Willis and the Beast, James McAvoy, and it is suffocating suspense !

The first trailer intriguing of Glass unveiled at the Comic Con in San Diego 2018 we had already put the water in the mouth. The official trailer is downright bring out your psychopathic tendencies ! There are two storyline-important : The manipulation obvious to Elijah, who seems to have orchestrated for years. And the duel between the Beast of James McAvoy and David Dunn. All three are locked up in the same hospital psychatrique and are forced to follow the same therapy, intended to remove them the idea that they are super-heroes. Between two therapy sessions to bring out the personalities of Kevin Wendell, the efforts of the Dr. Ellie Staple to put his patients on the right path will actually push them to do team. Until the Beast becomes out of control.

Glass : La bande-annonce oppressante, Bruce Willis affronte la Bête de James McAvoy

Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role to perfection and seems to perfectly know when and how to pull the strings. It will undoubtedly be the one that pushes the Beast out of its hinges, to take revenge against those who have taken him for a fool. Bruce Willis is positioning itself as the defender of the people (and cheeleaders) and does not hesitate to put themselves on the path of the atrocity that has become James McAvoy. The extent of their respective powers is a bit more hit and you’re afraid to discover how far the rage of the Beast will lead. If Anya Taylor-Joy has teasé the return of Casey Cooke after the events of Split, one can imagine that it will also curb his madness ! Salute the performance of Sarah Paulson, worthy of his talents in American Horror Story. In short, the trailer for the Glass, panting and full of suspense, you will want to scramble in cinemas from 16 January 2019 !