Global warming: 2019 year may be the hottest in the history of mankind

Глобальное потепление: 2019-й год может стать самым жарким в истории человечества

2019 will be the hottest in the history of mankind, warn scientists, who consider that the phase of the El niño has already begun, prompting extreme weather conditions, which deteriorated due to climate change. The consequences of the El niño phenomenon has been more significant in recent years due to global warming, and these effects become worse as temperatures continue to rise.

According to National Geographic, four of the hottest years in history were in the period from 2015 to 2018, due to increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, which also reached a record level, according to the world meteorological organization (WMO). Warming world means greater and greater manifestation of the destructive elements and severe weather conditions, such as heat, forest fires, droughts, flooding, and devastating storms.

In 2018 in the Northern hemisphere were 70 tropical cyclones or hurricanes that is greater than the average value of the previous periods, which amounted to 53. Powerful and often record-breaking storms caused havoc and caused enormous economic damage and resulted in losses of human lives. The heat wave also led to impressive productivity in 2018, because it was often too hot to work, and even to go outside

It should be noted that the phase of the El niño is a warming of the surface waters in the Eastern Pacific ocean.

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