Go out to Quebec: Cine-park, Vox populi, petanque

A drive-in park in a secret garden

The Ringo café in Saint-Casimir wishes to revive the spirit of drive-ins, but without cars, in its secret garden. “The bets are still open for the film, but it will be a family classic of the 80s, a very cine-park film,” we are informed. Founded by three expatriates from Quebec City, anchored in the world of music and visual arts, the coffee shop opened almost two years ago, which offers a variety of music and entertainment. Stop your next visit in Portneuf. Why not Friday at 8 pm? Popcorn and beers from Grands Bois for sale on site.

At 175 Tessier Street East, Saint-Casimir. Returned to the following day in case of rain.

Car-Free Cine-Park Event Presentation Poster

The proposals derived from the game invented by Robert Gravel are not lacking in Quebec City. However, a new group, Vox Populi, intends to renew the improvisation inspired by a formula born in Chicago. For about 50 minutes, the eight players (seasoned veterans for the most part) will be inspired by an interview with a member of the public to create stories, long and short. Another long free improvisation of 50 minutes will take place of the second part. Uninterrupted play, without presenter and without vote, which leaves a lot of freedom to the players.

Friday at 19:45 at the Yellow House (206, rue Christophe Colomb Est, Quebec). Entry $ 10. Info: www.latest.facebook.com/improvoxpopuli/

Poster of the improvisation troupe Vox populi

The event may well have become a meeting costum and sports essential of the culture of Limoul, my summer schedule has never allowed me to go see “in person” the International petanque of Vieux-Limoilou. I intend to remedy this Saturday, between 11 am and 19h, at the park of Anse-à-Cartier, question to see if the event is as cool “in real” as that allow to filter the photos that circulate on the social networks . The friendly tournament brings together players of all ages, caliber and background and is organized by Limoilou in bulk.

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