Good plan : The Xbox One is 34 € for the balances

Bon plan : La manette Xbox One ? 34 € pour les soldes

The Xbox One offers a very nice promotion for the balances, we still wonder what you expect.

Then as the Christmas holidays come to an end, and here is an offer that should not remain active for very long… a few hours ago, you announced that the Playstation Classic was a huge price drop for the balances. This time, it is the turn of Microsoft to sell off its hardware, with this offer completely mad : at the moment on Amazon, the Xbox One appears to be 33,90 € instead of 64,99 €. A reduction of more than 30 €, which should delight all fans of gaming in that respect. Discover without further delay the goods offered by the merchant site.

Bon plan : La manette Xbox One ? 34 € pour les soldes

As you can see on this image, the controller in question, in addition to offer you a price defying any competition is a special edition Armed Forces II. With its finish military camouflage, it is clearly time to get cracking, and to invest in new controllers for your future game sessions. You will have understood it, if the Christmas holidays have been fatal to your hardware, it is good for you. Attention, at this price, stocks are likely to flow very quickly, and there is no information on the quantities offered by Amazon on this product. In the meantime, you can always cross your fingers, and offer the Xbox One at 33,90 € instead of 64,99€.