Google decided not to return to China

Google передумал возвращаться в Китай

Google has no plans to launch a search engine in China.

This was stated by the chief Executive officer of Google, Sundar Pichai before the U.S. Congress, according to Reuters.

“At the moment we have no plans for a search engine in China. We have created one variant to see how it might look like this search. We had a project in progress at one time. At a certain point, it was the work of more than 100 people, as far as I know, ” said Pichai.

Many legislators and employees of Google have expressed concern over the fact that the company is developing the project centuryroyal search engine Dragonfly in case she will again be able to enter the Chinese market.

According to Pichai, Google has no agreements with the Chinese authorities and even if the company still decide to start the service, this process will be fully transparent to the American politicians.

In the early years, Google was planning to launch in China, the Dragonfly project, centuryroyal version of its search engine, which would block certain websites and search terms. Employees of the company were against its creation.

Google blocked in the country since 2010.