Google named the best apps in the Play Market in 2018

Google назвал лучшие программы в Play Market за 2018 год

Google has published a list of the best apps in 2018 in the online store Play Market, there were a variety of services — photo and video editing, business and music programs, organizers, educational applications, and several others. Program winners were determined in 5 nominations.

“Select users”

PUBG Mobile — mobile version of the game’s Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown’

“Best application for entertainment”

  • Vimage is the app to create photos with moving elements
  • TikTok is a music application that allows you to record short video clips for well-known songs
  • Draw — “coloring by numbers”.
  • Neverthink: Handpicked videos service with thematically selected video
  • Scout FM app with podcasts

“Best new app”

  • Just a Line— drawing application using augmented reality
  • Unfold — an application for editing photos for social networks
  • Slowly— a service that helps to find pen pals and write them a paper letter
  • Learn Spanish with Lirica app for learning Spanish
  • Luci — app to control their dreams

“The best app for self-development”

  • Mimo — a service that teaches programming
  • Drops — application for learning foreign languages
  • 10% Happier is the app for meditation
  • Keep — app with programs home workouts
  • MasterClass — app cooking lessons, singing, etc.

“Best app of the day”

  • Tasty app with recipes
  • Canva — photo editor
  • Sift is an app that helps to save on purchases
  • Notion service for reminders and list creating
  • Otter Voice Notes app to create voice memos

Previously published mobile app for creating selfie in space. It also became known that Google can close the video chat Hangouts in a few years. In addition, Google has tested the app against censorship in the media.