GP of Styria: Racing Point “confident” after the claim of Renault

GP de Styrie: Racing Point «confiante» après la réclamation de Renault

Photo: Joe Klamar/Pool via AP
Lance Stroll in his car at the Grand Prix of Styria, on Sunday 12 July

Racing Point claims to be “confident” in the face of the claim brought by his opponent Renault, which puts into question the similarities between the car of 2020 to the british team and the Mercedes sacred in 2019, in a statement sent to AFP on Monday.

Racing Point is said to be “extremely disappointed to see his results at the Grand Prix of Styria (which was held on Sunday, ed) challenged by what she considers a claim of ill-conceived and ill-informed” and ” strongly rejects any suggestion of wrongdoing “.

The team says he has “cooperated before the start of the season with the international automobile Federation (which governs the championship, editor’s note) and responded satisfactorily to all the questions regarding the origins of the plans” of his car.

“The team is confident that the claim will be rejected once it has submitted its response,” says she.

This complaint is about the brake ducts and front and rear Racing Point. It is based on several articles of the sporting regulations of F1, which stipulate that a competitor must use in their cars of the parts he designed “, that it “retains the intellectual property as he races in F1″ and that the sub-contractor for design some parts may not be entrusted ” to a competitor or a subcontractor of a competitor.”

The parts in question of the cars from the Mexican Sergio Pérez and the Canadian Lance Stroll have been seized and will be examined and compared to those of Mercedes last year.

For its part, the German manufacturer world champion title did not wish to comment on, even if he told AFP ” that he would provide the commissioners the items they have requested, so that they can reach a conclusion “.

This year, Racing Point not only to buy the block engine and the gear box developed by the German manufacturer. The team has copied — on photos, ” she said, when testing pre-season in February — options aerodynamic chosen last season by its manufacturer, that the regulation does not prohibit.

“What we have done is completely legal “, stated the technical director Andrew Green, which also provided Mercedes.

“This is something we wanted to do for a long time without having the budget for it,” he said, and that was solidified when Racing Point began to use the wind tunnel of the German team in may 2019.

Also sought by the AFP, Mercedes had not responded by mid-day Monday, when Renault said Sunday evening he did not wish to comment before the decision of the stewards.

Develop a “Mercedes pink” (the colour of its livery), as it has been nicknamed, has allowed Racing Point of rise to the level of Renault and McLaren, or even a little above, the middle of the table.

When the channel opening of the season 2020 in Austria last week, Pérez was ranked 6th. This Sunday, he signed the same result in front of his teammate, canadian Lance Stroll.

Their classification however, remains provisional pending a decision on this claim.

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