Grammy Awards 2019 : Taylor Swift and Reputation have they been snob?s ?

Less than a month before the Grammy Awards in 2019, let’s make the point on one of the biggest controversies of the year : the near-absence of Taylor Swift and reputation. Is it due to snobbery on the part of the organising committee ?

Look what you made me do. If we told you earlier that Soprano, Orelsan, or Bigflo & Oli has sold the most albums in France in 2018, it is clear that, in addition to-Atlantic, Taylor Swift is not to be pitied. In fact, his latest opus, a reputation, and it continues to sell like hotcakes and it recently became the first female artist to have 4 albums which have spent more than 150 weeks on the Billboard 200. Unfortunately, this commercial success has not been felt in the Grammy nominations 2019. Taylor Swift does not say, is named only once, in the category best pop album. Unfortunately, and as was also noted by Business Insider, her chances are thin.

Taylor Swift might be the youngest artist to have won the Grammy Award for album of the year and may well have received not less than 10 trophies since the beginning of his career, this year, it is not part of the favorites of the voters. And why is that ? Well just that after the backlash of his friendship with Kanye West (he has fucked up shame at the VMAs — they are rabiboch?s — he called her a “bitch” on “Famous” — it has publicly disavowed — Kim Kardashian has thrown the receipts), Taylor Swift has lived in an era with complicated reputation. The album, a lot less pop than the Red and 1989, has long been regarded as a surprising incursion of the share of a country artist in a universe that is very urban.

Far from being a bad drive, it is unfortunately the one that is least like the Taylor Swift we all know. Has the image of his first single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, nugget for vengeance to the accents under the electroclash banner very pronounced. Flows of more than 4.5 million copies, reputation has not failed to make headlines at the time of its release, and with each appearance of its performer. And if Taylor Swift has always been perceived as the darling of the voters, force is to recognize that his latest opus is far from being the best album in the category. Face-to – Sweetener Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes, Beautiful Trauma of Pink, Meaning Of Life of Klly Clarkson and Camila of Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift seems to have no chance.

And although “Look What You Made Me Do” was included to the tracklist of the album special Grammy Award 2019, we are obliged to remind you that this is not the best title of the album. In fact, “Delicate” has been a popular success, much more important, while “New Year’s Day” has made a lot of noise. Obviously, Taylor Swift and reputation have not been snob?s. Their only appointment is a pity and comforting at the same time. Taylor Swift is perhaps more the darling of the America that we have known but it’s still an artist capable of constant renewal. His next album should silence his critics once and for all. In the rest of the news musical, note, fans of Jennifer have not failed to celebrate the anniversary of his victory at the Star Academy.

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