Great absent in the consultations on the draft omnibus law of the CAQ

De grands absents aux consultations sur le projet de loi omnibus de la CAQ

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The auditor general of Quebec, Guylaine Leclerc

The opposition parties have lamented on Monday the lack of critical voices at the opening of consultations of the draft omnibus law on the economic recovery that the government wants to adopt Friday. The schedule is so tight that neither the auditor general nor the Bar of Quebec, who had been invited, were unable to free themselves to attend hearings scheduled from morning to evening, Monday and Tuesday.

Bill 61 would have such an impact on “legal status of our democracy” that you don’t hear the Bar ” would be the equivalent of not hearing the College of physicians in the folder of the medical assistance to die “, has compared the liberal member, Gaétan Barrette.

“There are parliamentary committees, including hearings special like that to be educated by people who know their field, has recalled the member of parliament in solidarity, Vincent Marissal. It’s going to go very fast. Unfortunately, there are people who withdraw because they say they are unable to produce a document in such a short time, and it’s unfortunate. It is a hitch, it also, to democracy. “

Discussions are ongoing between the house leaders of the three opposition parties and the government to allow mps to hear the testimony of the auditor general, Guylaine Leclerc, and the Bar.

The liberals also want to hear the ex-attorney of the deputy chief of the Charbonneau commission and first inspector general of the city of Montreal, Denis Gallant, who was highly critical of the bill 61 in the media. They are also asking that the ex-director of the Montreal police Department and current inspector general of the city of Saint-Jerome Jacques Duchesneau, testified to that.

The opposition parties fear that article 50 of the draft law will not lead to excesses similar to those spread out on the big day at the Charbonneau Commission. This article would allow the government to derogate from the Statute on contracts of public bodies to conclude contracts on the otc. It will no longer have to bend to the rule of the lowest bidder.

“He gives himself full power, full authority to decide in the wind it is essential and fair to do so, has criticized the member of the parti québecois Martin Ouellet. And unfortunately, as parliamentarians, we will not have a counter-power to “challenger,” it. “He believes that these powers should be more circumscribed in the bill.

The three opposition parties, who are all in favour of the revival of the economy of Quebec, have offered their collaboration to the government. The large bill 61 is designed to expedite 202 infrastructure projects, such as the construction of Homes of the elderly, NURSING homes, hospitals, primary and secondary schools, rehabilitation of roads and transit projects, to stimulate the quebec economy was severely hit by the pandemic. It was filed Wednesday, and the government wants to adopt it by the end of the parliamentary proceedings on Friday.

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