Great honors for Juvaqua

The delegation of the Juvaqua d’Alma club won the honors of the Regional Swimming Championship which ended Sunday at the pool of the Odyssey Dominique-Racine Chicoutimi. The clubs Chicoutimi (CNCI) and Jonquière (CNJO) complete, in order, the podium.

In total, some 200 athletes from the eight clubs of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean / Chibougamau-Chapais have benefited from the weekend to contribute to the success of the various clubs, but also to achieve their standards (11-12 years, AA and AAA) that will allow them to access provincial competitions.

Thus, the final ranking of the clubs is as follows: Juvaqua d’Alma, first with 650.40 points, followed by Chicoutimi (574.55), Jonquière (555.20), Saint-Félicien (281.70) and Chibougamau-Chapais (252.30). The beluga clubs of La Baie, Gami de Roberval and CAYO Dolbeau-Mistassini complete positions six to eight of the ranking.

President of the championship host Melissa Boivin highlighted the efforts of the youth, who redoubled their enthusiasm during the weekend events. About forty volunteers a day ensured the smooth running of the event, whether for the conduct of events, the compilation of results or the canteen, among others.

“We are 100% satisfied. There was no glitch or incident. Everything went very well, and we managed to keep the competitions on time! Ms. Boivin adds that the championship can reward clubs, but each athlete achieves times that will eventually allow him to access provincial competitions that will take place from mid-June to mid-July.

“At the Chicoutimi club, I think we have three who have qualified for the AAA,” she cites as an example. So there were young people in each of the clubs who went to get their qualification for provincials. “

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