Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Episode 18, Owen and Tom ready to fight for Teddy in the promo video

A few hours after the broadcast of a new episode of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, check out what awaits you in the suite !

Episode 17 of season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy was broadcasted there is little on ABC and it is therefore time to take a look at what we can expect for the next episode. Entitled “Add It Up”, episode 18 will show that the tension between Tom and Owen are far from being forgotten. According to the synopsis, the two men will again be held in head when Teddy has a fright on her pregnancy. The promo video of the episode you can see above also confirms that the two men are ready to fight for Teddy, but Owen wants to really get back together with her or his baby who sows confusion in his mind ?

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 18, Owen et Tom prêts à se battre pour Teddy dans la vidéo promo

Meredith in episode 18

While the triangle Tom/Owen/Teddy will continue to become more complicated, the next episode of season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy will confirm that Amelia has done well to get out of this strange situation. The discomfort is born out of their night spent together should not last and we hope to see her again in several scenes with Link, who has the gift of giving him back the smile. And after everything she has been through, she deserves nothing less. Finally the 18th episode will see Maggie to explore the alternative medicine with “piece of atmosphere”, while Alex and DeLuca will have to agree to take care of their young patient, 11 years old, more recalcitrant than expected.