Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Episode 7, the serious secret of the SPOILER, our verdict

A new episode of season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy has just been released and offers you what not to discover our verdict.

Episode 7 of season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy was broadcasted there is little on ABC and it proved to be full of surprises. In “Anybody Have a Map ?”, Catherine Fox – formerly Avery – calls Meredith and Tom to Los Angeles to get their advice on a patient particular. And where Tom was a celebrity, it is a revelation sad that made Catherine : it is itself that suffers from a tumor. A twist own Grey’s Anatomy which we know in the habit of torturing his characters. In addition to the emotional impact of this news, we already know that this will have consequences on several important characters, including Jackson and Richard.

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 7, le grave secret de SPOILER, notre verdict

What will happen to Catherine ?

The disease of Catherine that we discover in episode 7 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, however, has also given rise to several touching scenes that continue to show us Tom in a new light. The doctor also self-centered conceited man deserves to be appreciated and we hope that the scriptwriters will be able to rely on its potential in the future. It remains one of the few characters of Grey’s Anatomy to still have a lot of secrets to reveal. Anyway we now know that Meredith and Tom are invested with an important mission : find a plan to save Catherine. And in a few minutes, Grey’s Anatomy takes us back to this feeling so familiar and worry and questioning : one of the important characters of the series will he die before the end of the season ?

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 7, le grave secret de SPOILER, notre verdict

Meredith and Tom will have to find a solution

The fate of Catherine is for the moment uncertain but we already know that it will be difficult to bear for Richard. At Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital must deal with the death of a nurse he knows for a long time. We already know that the death of his sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous has been particularly hard hit and the end of the episode shows to what extent things are difficult to manage. We appreciate, however, see a real outburst of anger on his part, a strong emotion that expresses fully his ill-being. Especially as we would surely have had the desire to do the same thing in his place…

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 7, le grave secret de SPOILER, notre verdict

Soon the end for Richard ?

Finally the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy has continued to explore the relationship between Maggie and Jackson which suffered a new blow. The issue raised is relevant : the sharing of feelings and questions about existence is not always an easy subject. Moreover, it allows us to better identify the “new” Jackson and learn a little more about Maggie. We regret, however, that this last is difficult to evolve despite all the helping hands of Jackson, all the more that this is not their first discussion on this subject, and one begins to have the impression of being on the spot.

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 7, le grave secret de SPOILER, notre verdict

April necessarily present in the mind of Jackson

It was interesting to have the presence of April at the top of their couple, not only for the reminder to her character but also the realism that it brings. Jackson describes perfectly the picture of the complexity of feelings, not everything is clear and precise and we hope that Maggie will be fast to this idea. This new episode is revealed to be touching the side of the family Avery, but “Anybody Have a Map ?” still missed the intensity of Grey’s Anatomy which is its strength. The plot of Catherine is expected to remedy this, even if one wonders if his tumor would not be the exit door, perfect for a Richard more and more lost…