Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Episode 7 tonight, Meredith goes to Los Angeles

There are no more than a few hours to wait before a new episode of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, and tonight, in the direction of Los Angeles for Meredith !

After an episode particularly touching is the season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy continues tonight on ABC with a plot of the most mysterious. As you can see in the promo video above, Catherine Avery will appeal to Meredith Grey and Tom Koracick to do a consultation on a patient particular. It is, therefore, to Los Angeles that Meredith will fly off, leaving Seattle behind it, and suffice to say that we can’t wait to find out why Catherine has convened so far. In all cases it is already known that even if the plot is serious, a few moments more light will come in the post since Tom never let an opportunity pass of joke.

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Episode 7 ce soir, Meredith part à Los Angeles

That was Jackson ?

While Meredith and Tom will be well away, the trouble will not stop for as much at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Episode 7 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy show, in fact, still a difficult pregnancy. It is this time one of the nurses of the hospital, which will be a discomfort, and that Richard will have to take care of. What to ensure that “Anybody Have a Map ?” will be an episode well-paced. Finally, the promo video tease also problems serious enough between Maggie and Jackson as Maggie accuses her boyfriend of talking, or rather flirting with other women. Jackson said he cheated on Maggie or is it a different story ? Patience, there are no more than a few hours before you discover it.