Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : His relationship with the SPOILER, its galleys in love… The latest news on the love life of Meredith !

Between his relationship with SPOILER and galleys in love, discover the latest info about the sentimental life of Meredith in season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy !

Season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy is fast approaching ! The 27 September is a day to note in his diary. The surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be making their grand return and say that they give us a lot of twists and turns ! As we unveiled the trailer for this season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and DeLuca will move on to the act. But then, is this the beginning of a great love story or a simple one evening with a little too much to drink ? One thing is for sure, is that this will disrupt the surgeon… This season, 15 of Grey’s Anatomy will Meredith a big challenge, that of dating a person. During an interview with TV Line, the showrunneuse Krista Vernoff has teasé : “This will be difficult and everyone has to go through it. It is very human and very relevant. I was very interested to see someone as beautiful, smart, funny and complex that Meredith pass by”….

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Sa relation avec SPOILER, ses galères en amour... Les dernières infos sur la vie amoureuse de Meredith !

A new love for Meredith ?

Meredith will therefore have to get back to flirting in season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, and its history with DeLuca will be a real challenge ! The showrunneuse added : “this is what it will be this season and it is something that we have never really seen in the 15 seasons of this series. The joy for me to work on this story with her and with the writers was watching the women in our life who find themselves alone after a happy marriage. There are things in common, like the fact that the next great love does not fall from the sky. One must grieve, one must then go ahead and try to launch in a new relationship. Then you need to get out and have an open heart, without blasphemy or fear, and will say ‘Ok, I look at it. I am available…’ and jump into the deep end of the meetings.”. Meredith is finally ready to turn the page and get back as a couple ? It would seem that yes ! While waiting to learn more, check out the photos and the synopsis for episodes 1 and 2 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy.