Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Jackson absent, Jesse Williams he leaves the series ?

The departure of Jackson has surprised everyone in season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, starting with Maggie… another actor is ready to leave the series ?

Maggie has not been the only one to be surprised when, in episode 3 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, she was told by voice message that Jackson had decided to stray a little. In fact, there was nothing to suggest the absence of Jesse Williams of the beginning of the season, but it could be that this be left for last. The video promo of the next episode still does not contain a trace of Jackson as you can see above, not to mention the fact that a fireman from Station 19 even proposed to Maggie to go out with her. After the departures of Sarah Drew (April) and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona), can we then expect a what another actor leaves the series ?

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : Jackson absent, Jesse Williams quitte-t-il la série ?

What is the future for Jackson and Maggie ?

For the moment, no official information concerning the possible departure of Jesse Williams for the season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy has been unveiled, no reason to worry so. The absence of Jackson, who preferred to take a step back after the wedding to April and a car accident that complicated, so could last for a few episodes, but still, a priori, to be temporary. In addition, this departure seems quite logical when we know that Jackson was in full remission after having failed to be hit by a car and then to have lost his patient. As for Jesse Williams, no information has been leaked during the filming of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy several months ago, and his name appears in the credits of episode 4. Although it is not noticing the not in the promo video of “Momma Knows Best”, we might, therefore, well to review Jackson sooner than we think !