Gunet, Paltrow’s rospoli, Yak otrimali freedom

Гвінет Пелтроу розповіла, як отримала свободу

Amerikanska actrs Gunet, Paltrow’s, kotri in this year viponds 47 years, podolasia svoimi Dumka about those, scho Takeo bootie doroshow inkou.

Yak sterjo gollivudski of Krasna, 40 rokiv won otrimali pewno freedom, aka not accuval in Unost.

Nedavno, Paltrow’s vystupila on shortname festival SXSW, privatename music, kno the media, time iz surkovoy couple — actress Avu wild I komkom Jason Sudaka.

“Meni more, not 20-30, and 46. I meni podobala bootie inkou over 40. In this , neimovirna freedom. I usual hto I ( I ceased boetica, scho dumayut about me INSHI”, — stnaley Rihanna.

At a time of great ceru Paltrow’s brand Goop scho speculate on lifestyle products.

“In me there is the toll-TL neimovirna company, I love my role at niy I my team,” podolasia svoimi Dumka laureate Prem Oscar.

Gunet, certainly, NALOGOVAYA help our defenders with you on festival.

“Do me buuut neleg dni, ale I vdtuv, scho bagato me freedom, and I chwilowa all CIM”, — razmerov actress.

Not right in the fact scho, Paltrow’s nevertheless Vdovin, Yak mayzhe all his life won Bula a support in the eyes hromadskosti, pichet “Know”.