“Hakim in Quebec City”: investigation and hands outstretched

A call to Muslim prayer that echoes within the walls of a Catholic church, a representation interrupted the time to break the fast of Ramadan by sharing a sweet tea with mint and dates … Several hands were strained towards a better understanding on the other, Monday, during the public reading of the documentary “Hakim à Québec” by Maxime Beauregard-Martin.
The project was basically a “survey of systemic racism” in the capital conducted for the magazine Urbania and launched almost a year after the killing of the Great Mosque. According to what we saw on Monday, it has become a great reflection on living together.

The author and comedian was first called to meet a Muslim person to understand the challenges she faces on a daily basis. The problem is that his first interlocutor, the Hakim title, had nothing to report immediately. Our investigator quickly understood that he should go elsewhere if he wanted to fulfill his order … And he also saw the need to multiply the views when he chose to bring his investigation to the scene.

Graduate in journalism, Maxime Beauregard-Martin likes to anchor his writing in real facts. The company he co-founded, One Killed One, uses the news as a “take-off runway”, according to his official description. In particular, we owe to Beauregard-Martin – who cosigns the painting Promised land of the new course Where do you go when you sleep while walking …? – Room M me G. , inspired by the life of the lady of speakeasy Teresa Drago. The show, in which Beauregard-Martin performed his own role, performed well at Premier Acte in 2016, so he was featured on the La Bordée scene last year.


In Hakim, Quebec, the author sets himself once again on the stage, but he also offers a voice to certain contributors who have nourished his investigation. In the second stage of work presented Monday at La Nef (a first draft of the text was read at Chantiers International Crossroads Theater last year), we heard Rachid Raffa, whose vision of living together is not very optimistic. He shoots as many arrows at Islamophobes as Muslims who “make themselves vulnerable” by not denouncing the acts of Islamophobia they are victims.

Volunteer at the Multiethnic Center, Rejean Bouchard takes a reverse view, while he found a real brother – and some nephews and nieces of adoption – in the Syrian family with whom his was twinned.

Columnist Maryam Bessiri (co-spokesperson for the commemoration of the citizens of the Grand Mosque attack) delivered a message of love in several dimensions: for her country of origin and her adopted neighborhood, for her husband , for his freedom of speech and the responsibility that comes with his microphone … In a city where some stations still hang the label radio-trash.

Finally, the actress Nadia Girard Eddahia has established herself as a real chameleon performing all the other roles, in addition to adding her two cents as an immigrant daughter.

The public reading of Hakim in Quebec City was one of the satellite activities of the International Theater Crossroads. A similar meeting has been arranged with the author Fanny Britt, while her play Hurlevents will be read at La Nef on June 2nd.

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