Hammer: a suspense that hits ***

Hammer: un suspense qui cogne ***

Hammer: un suspense qui cogne ***

Chris (Mark O’brien) is in trouble in <em>Hammer</em>.


June 25, 2020

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Hammer: a suspense that hits ***

Hammer: un suspense qui cogne ***

Hammer: un suspense qui cogne ***

Eric Moreault

The Sun

CRITICAL / Up where a father (or a mother) can he go to get his son’s disorder? Not bad away, especially if you have the misfortune to put his hand in a gear that could shred like Stephen Davis in the very good suspense Hammer. Effective and rhythmic, the feature film by Christian Sparkes leaves us no second of respite, while digging the themes…

Each time the wife of Stephen Davis (Will Patton) wants to discuss the problems of their elder, the man takes flight. As this day when he sees Chris (Mark O’brien) in the bike, to the fine horror without a helmet, at a set of traffic lights in their small border town.

The father continues with his son, and then joined him. The latter, very nervous, tells him — in part — a tragic accident. The duo eventually head out on the premises. On the spot, in a rank little frequented, Stephen is going to discover the magnitude of the tragedy. Chris, he believes, has plunged back into petty crime.

But things are much more complicated than they appear. And when the accomplice of Chris threatens retaliation against family, the father and the son will try to overcome their differences to face…

As often in this kind of exercise, the scenario turns sometimes the corners a bit round. The fact remains that, on the whole, it all remains in the realm of the possible. And that it is by design that we remain vague. The pleasure ofthe Hammer lodges in the discovery of the ramifications.

Stripped down and concise (1 hour 20 minutes), the style of Sparkes boosts its effectiveness. As it all happens in real time (unity of time in the film). It is fascinating that the voltage lies in a device reduced to its simplest expression. Not need a ton of explosions and stunts when you have a field of corn… And a few twists and turns well-used may very well do the trick.

This is the second feature film by Christian Sparkes, after Cast No Shadow (2014). The director is originally from Newfoundland, however, is the hand at the television.

It explores with a lot of happiness to the turmoil of a relationship father-son, especially when the two men come to understand that they have much more in common than they want to admit. As often, the lack of communication has caused a lot of damage. We can guess that the parents have expelled the son of the house, and spoke to him more, in the hope that it would rule any one with her problems. It is rarely a good idea…

In this role of the father exceeded, Will Patton does wonders. The veteran actor (Armageddon, remember the Titans…) proves to be quite credible. His vis-à-vis also : Mark O’brien, seen in The finish (2016) Denis Villeneuve, managed to wonder to slip into the skin of this young man who is trying, somehow, to pick up the pieces, disparate in his life.

Hammer: un suspense qui cogne ***

In this role of the father exceeded, Will Patton does wonders.

A71 Entertainment

Of course, Hammer does revolutionizes not the kind. But it’s hard to ask for more for a feature film shot on a shoestring and a lot of creativity. And that exposes the realities of a small industrial town as there are plenty in Canada, but which are not part of our collective imagination because rarely represented.

Nice job.

Hammer is available on video on demand.

The generic

Rating : ***

Title : Hammer

Genre : suspense

Director : Christian Sparkes

Actors : Will Patton, Mark O’brien

Time : 1: 20

Le Soleil

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