Happy 8 infected and thousands of deaths in the world: how the coronavirus attacks the planet – the latest data

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

Deadly coronavirus does not retreat. In Europe, an increasing number of deaths. Ukraine on 18 March imposed strict quarantine on the transport, and was also declared a state of emergency in Kyiv region. Meanwhile, scientists continue to work on a vaccine from the disease. “Apostrophe” has collected all that is known about the spread Covid-19 us and in other countries.

According to data by 15:00 hours on 18 March in the world infected 203 529 people. The first three countries are China, Italy and Iran.

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

The number of deaths rose to 8 205 people.

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

Scientists about the persistence of the virus

The coronavirus can survive in the air for up to several hours, and on some surfaces up to several days. This is stated in the study of a group of American scientists. It was attended by experts from the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases of the United States, Princeton University, the University of California and the centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States.

For the study, researchers sprayed in the air and on the surfaces of the aerosol with the coronavirus. They found that, once in the air, Covid-19 can remain viable for three hours. On the surfaces of different materials virus behaves differently. The longest he stayed on the plastic and stainless steel – up to 72 hours. On the cardboard he was able to survive not more than 24 hours, and on the copper surfaces – a maximum of four hours.

What is happening in Ukraine

In Ukraine check 41 human coronavirus. Two people have died. The latest victim was a 33-year-old woman from Chernivtsi, whose mother has accused doctors that their actions led to the death of his daughter. Later at the hospital responded to the allegations.

As of 18 March in Ukraine confirmed 14 cases Covid-19.

In Chernivtsi March 17, coronavirus was diagnosed in two children. One baby a year and ten months, the second six months. On 18 March the doctors said that both the baby feel good. Temperature and fever are not. Pneumonia also. Form of the disease is simple.

In the Lviv region coronavirus suspect of 24 people. Half of them returned from abroad. In particular, in the regional infectious diseases clinical hospital for an hour was hospitalized 6 people.

In Donetsk region, 9 cases with suspected coronavirus.

In Odessa appeared tests for coronavirus. Hall said that there are 50 tests for 5 patients they were done but all negative. At the moment, in the Odessa hospital of infectious diseases 17 patients, 10 of whom have come in recent days.

Freeze call in the Ukrainian army

For the duration of the quarantine suspended the activities of the conscription of citizens for military service. The order gave the Commander of Land forces of VS of Ukraine the General-the Lieutenant Alexander Syrski.

Military commissariats and the territorial centers of completing and social support has temporarily suspended the calls associated with the call recruits to enlistment offices and the regional rallying points.

Note that such measures will lasts up to individual order.

“Quarantine” in public transport

Despite the declared ban on movement of public transport more than 10 people, the drivers inorout rules and go with a full passenger. Most people drive without their masks on. Stops after closing metro formed a huge queue.

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

Our correspondent walked the morning of March 18 near the Central railway station in Kiev. In the station building being traded. Buses and minibuses go, as before.

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

Coronavirus made it to the Verkhovna Rada

On 18 March it became known that coronavirus infection found the people’s Deputy Serhiy Shakhov. He declared himself in the social network. Later the information about your MP confirmed in the Ministry of health.


In Kielce ( 170 km South of Warsaw), died in a hospital infected with a coronavirus 54-year-old Professor Wojciech willow. Unofficially it is known that he committed suicide.

Зараженная Рада и 8 тысяч смертей в мире: как коронавирус атакует планету - последние данные

Professor last week, returned to Poland with foreign guests. The hospital said that he had no contact with patients lately.

Poland is now 246 infected.

Data for other countries

In Russia recorded 177 cases of infection. All the Siberian regions of the Russian Federation introduced the modes of alert.

France now tests only physicians and patients in serious condition, only 2 thousand tests a day. The government recognizes that the actual data on the infected there. Army begins the evacuation of critical patients to the hospital in the South-East of the country.

Indonesia. 227 cases revealed 19 deaths. The mortality rate is 9%. The infection has gone into thousands.

In Germany stated that the number of cases in 2-3 months to reach 10 million, if not to take precautions. Now the coronavirus was confirmed in 8 of 198 people.

The number of cases of coronavirus in Finland has increased to 359, – stated in the National Institute of health and welfare.


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