Harmony in the couple: intimate incompatibility of different zodiac signs

Гармония в паре: интимная несовместимость разных знаков зодиака

Fits he (she) or not

Sexual compatibility determines the harmony in the couple loving each other people. However, if compatibility, the relationship is gradually destroyed, and once stretching each other’s halves begin to seek sexual satisfaction on the side. The result in this case is obvious: heartache, infidelity, separation and non-healing wounds not the heart.

To avoid this, at the dawn of the relationship need to learn the joys of carnal pleasures with your loved one, and understand if it fits you for life, or not. But at the same time you can find out which Zodiac signs are completely incompatible in sex.

Гармония в паре: интимная несовместимость разных знаков зодиака

Aries and Aries
Aries don’t think about compatibility, just take what you think is yours. And in most cases this is a plus for a relationship. These people dominate in bed, dominating partner, and leading him into the world of intimate pleasures. This happens almost always, as long as Aries does not interfere with the RAM. Two dominant sexual energy, driven by aggressive Mars, instead of creating harmony, begin to compete. And if the Rams try to compete in quantity of orgasms, when you lose passion, it’s time to compete in the number of changes.
Aquarius and Cancer
Representatives of the sign Cancer is not easy to find harmony in sexual relationships with other Zodiac signs. They are too picky about the partners, despite the fact that yourself are pretty lazy and stingy on the emotions. This is especially true in relationships with Aquarius, whose seething sexuality is visible to the naked eye. While, Aquarius is the motor of these relations, trying to get Cancer and to reveal his sexuality, but realizing the futility of their efforts, start looking for lighter options. We have to admit that Aquarius and Cancer – the absolute opposite sex, who in an attempt to preserve the Union, will only torment each other.

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Sagittarius and Virgo
Here there are two obvious extremes: down-to-earth Virgo and Sagittarians are restless. Power to the representatives of the sign Virgo, all prefer regularity and order, incredibly difficult to accept the rampant sexuality of his partner. Sex Virgins will distract scattered around the room linen and too loud moans of Sagittarius. On the contrary, Sagittarius who hates monotony and constantly looking for perfection in sex, is disappointed with the reluctance of a virgin to have sex in unusual places, and distracted by household stuff, while when you need to relax and completely surrender to the senses.
Leo and Capricorn
The incompatibility of this pair the representatives of the Zodiac sign it becomes obvious already in the first months of the relationship. And the measure here is just the bed. These personalities are too different temperaments, to build a harmonious Union. Leo, with her sex appeal, inclined to amorous intrigues on the side, and will never deny myself the desire to try a new partner. But Capricorn, having the correct views on relationships, will torment yourself with jealousy that will destroy this Union. Capricorn attempts to diversify the intimate life will have only temporary success, and after learning about the affair, the relationship will end.

Pisces and Gemini
The Union representatives of these Zodiac signs are fragile and short-lived, can stay for a while, but only for a mad passion. Hardly a period of love will be how the relationship immediately sours. It’s simple: deep Fish, have a sensual relationship built on complete trust and constant verbal contact. They love to communicate during sex with a partner to share exciting revelations. This makes Fish much more of the mechanics of sex. The twins also this approach is rather annoying. They are not used to talking, and from the languages of sex only recognize the body language. besides representatives of the Air element, Gemini, quickly tired of the monotony, and they flock to new partners for a new portion of enjoyment.

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Гармония в паре: интимная несовместимость разных знаков зодиака

Libra and Virgo
This pair is destined for a breakup, and it is not in the difference of temperaments, but just the opposite. They are both pretty selfish in bed, but even worse, feelings, destroys the monotony and banal boredom. Sex for Virgo, in principle, not an end in itself. For them it is only procreation, and therefore eager for carnal pleasures Libras have to put up with puritanical views partner. Even the Scales, because overcome of the doubt for a long time did not dare to change something in the relationship, suffering from the inability to burn off excess energy and fear to change your life. Usually, these relationships end in a breakup when Virgo or Libra will meet a strong partner, which can reveal their natural sexuality.
A Gemini and Sagittarius
The Union has no future, as the representatives of the zodiac signs are too similar. However, the separation here is preceded by a strong sexual attraction. Such people are very quickly find a common language and fall in love with each other. From the first day of Dating, they are “on the same page” and sex and did become one. Violent fantasy Twin is complemented by a thrust of Sagittarius to sexual experimentation, so very soon the partners develop a desire to try something non-trivial, for example, to invite a third bed or visit a Swingers party. That’s just over time, sexual attraction wanes, partners understand that simply tired of each other. Save the relationship is meaningless, because boredom would oppress both.

Aries and Capricorn
Here the element of Fire meets the Earth so I do not expect harmony in relationships. However, Aries get along well with Capricorn in the home, as partners can become the best combination. Brilliant, precise ideas of Capricorn will be brought to life the powerful head of the RAM. That’s just about the sex these people are complete opposites. The bed is their battlefield where they would “face horns”, competing with each other. Measured the Capricorn will not appreciate the passion of the Aries will “extinguish” all his attempts to make sex a real holiday. Aries did not have enough sensitivity and shutter speed to convey your desires to a partner. Relationships will end, when his patience wearing thin.
Taurus and Gemini
Too home Taurus at all desire can not save originated feelings with your partner from a Gemini. With all the complaisance of representatives of the element of Earth, Taurus will not tolerate constant noisy companies, which tends to Twin, and will not be able to accept free sexual liking of their partner. At the same time flighty Twin, even when sincere feelings to Taurus, will not spend your life on the person does not have the same rhythm of life, sexual energy and views on relationships. But do not be sad. Experience shows that after parting, these people only bring happiness to each other.

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Leo and Pisces
Among the partners with full sexual incompatibility can distinguish a lion and a Fish. In their case, even partnerships often fail, what can we say about sexual compatibility. Certainly among such personalities might have a little spark that will give them some unforgettable nights. But more should not count. Leo will remain cold for sensual enjoyment partner of the Pisces sign, he would rather selfishly use his body to get what you want, and then go in search of new victims. In turn, the representative of the Fish will quickly grow cold to the surface to Leo, who can not know all the joys of these sense gratification.

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