Harry Potter, The Holiday Calendar… what is it mate on Netflix in November ?

Harry Potter, The Holiday Calendar... Qu'est-ce qu'on mate sur Netflix en novembre ?

More than two months before Christmas, the cold weather arrives and the catalog of November, Netflix is here !

You feel completely lost in everything that offers Netflix and you do not even know what is new ? Or, on the contrary, you have the impression of having seen it all and you want to discover more ? You made a list of 11 films that get released on Netflix in November, history you can prepare a schedule of binge-watching at its best ! The gangster, marathon, the classic, and of course, a plethora of Christmas movies waiting for you and invite you in with open arms ! We wish good luck to your social life after you have read this article !

Harry Potter – The complete – November 1st

Does one really need to present you Harry Potter ? Not ? So we will just advise you to shut out EVERYTHING for a whole weekend history to be able to enjoy the adventures of Ron, Hermione and Harry without the aftertaste of things to do. No Facebook, no work, just you and Voldemort in a head to head for about 20h of happiness !

The Holiday Calendar – 2 November

Rediscover the famous Bonnie Bennett in the skin of Abby Sutton, a photographer who wades in her professional life : she takes pictures of the children that came to see Father Christmas. Everything changes for her the day when his grandfather offers him an advent calendar that opens each day on an index announcing an event that will take place in the day. Of course, love is never far from a Christmas movie and you’ll even get two stories for the price of one !

Madame Bovary – 4 November

A good opportunity to revise your classics ! If you haven’t read the masterpiece of Gustave Flaubert during your years in high school, it is time you put on it. Made the acquaintance of Emma, a young working-class eternal unsatisfied, that’s going to learn that sometimes, to meet his fate may be better. She met Charles Bovary, a doctor of the province, and sees it as a hope to leave finally his family environment. The wedding is planned and prepared, but now that Emma already has the desire to be elsewhere. Her meeting with Monsieur Lheureux will change his dreary everyday life !

Outlaw King, the king beyond-the-law – 9 November

Chris Pine returns to the out-of-the-law and you’re going to love it ! In the Fourteenth century in Scotland, Robert de Brus (Chris Pine) becomes the first king of Scotland. But after being dispossessed of his crown, he leads a rebellion to restore independence to his people and get out from the yoke of the English.

Captive – 8 November

You never saw Ryan Reynolds as upsetting as in Captive ! After the kidnapping of his daughter, he has never lost hope. Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing evidence to indicate that seems to indicate that she is still alive. The police, parents and Cassandra herself, will try to elucidate the mystery of his disappearance.

Public Enemies – 9 November

Between history and gangster, Johnny Depp at his outset ! In 1929, Americans see the savings of a lifetime to melt in a few hours. Millions of them find themselves without a job. The banks have betrayed them, and their government is powerless to overcome this unprecedented Crisis. It takes these losers a hero, a man who retaliates by raiding the banks. John Dillinger at your service.

The Princess Switch – 16 November

Harry Potter, The Holiday Calendar... Qu'est-ce qu'on mate sur Netflix en novembre ?

And a second Christmas movie for the road, because every 15 days, this is not even enough ! Vanessa Hudgens is going to split in two : Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, will take the place of Stacy, a young woman in normal life that looks like him as two drops of water. A week before Christmas, they switchent identity and you get doubts, well that just not going to happen as planned ! You slip a small spoiler : love is hidden in this film (a lot).

The Walk of Buster Scruggs – 16 November

First film of Joel and Ethan Cohen for Netflix, a feast to look at under the duvet ! A casting quality which brings together Zoe Kazan, Liam Neeson, James Franco, and Brendan Gleeson. The film is constructed as a book containing six chapters, on the background of the conquest of the american West.

The Chronicles of Christmas – November 22

Another Christmas movie to enjoy without moderation ! Brother and sister, the young Teddy and Kate Pierce wants to shoot Kurt Russell in blackface Father Christmas on the evening of new year’s eve. But when they slip into his sleigh, they break it accidentally and the day of Christmas is in danger ! To them to repair the damage with the help of this Father Christmas explosive.

A Christmas Prince : The Royal Wedding – 30 November

Follow the adventures of Amber, the intrepid reporter, a year after he helped Richard to access the throne ! And guess what : They are going to marry ! Against the backdrop of a royal wedding to Harry and Meghan, this is the Christmas movie perfect for a day before 1st of December !