Hassan Jameel ready to formalize his relationship with Rihanna ? He sows the doubt !

Hassan Jameel, will he soon publicly confirm he’s going out with Rihanna ? The doubt hangs in the air !

Contrary to the rumors that abound on the web, Rihanna is always in a relationship with his beloved Hassan Jameel. For proof, the singer has recently celebrated his birthday with the beautiful brown dark. The program ? The interpreter of “Needed Me” and the wealthy businessman are broken in a basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. An output in which the two lovebirds have been more complicit than ever. Suffice to say that these photos have not failed to frighten the fans. And for good reason, the couple only appear very rarely together. To such a point that people are questioning : will they soon formalize ? It is possible.

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While we do not expect it, Hassan Jameel has landed on InstagramTuesday 12 march 2019. A registration that has not gone unnoticed. In just three days, the young man of 30 years garnered no less than 22 000 subscribers, and, while he has not yet posted a single photo. If the comments are disabled in posts, the attractive saudi has very quickly pondered his fans. Will he post pictures of Rihanna and formalize publicly their relationship ? If the editorial’ of melty in doubt because of the attractive saudi is very discreet about his private life, he should never say never. Matter to follow therefore. In the rest of the news, you should know that Amber Heard does not care about accusations of Johnny Depp and prefers to show a full kiss with her new darling.