Hayley Bieber just wants to be a

Хейли Бибер просто хочет быть собой

Famous model Hailey Bieber unveiled the Manifesto on his page in Instagram.

Just over an hour the message was liked by over a million people.

“Engaging in 2019, I want to be more open and honest with your fears… I’m 22, and the truth is that no matter how great seemed my life, I fight all the time. I’m largely not sure, I’m very fragile, I often have pain, I have my doubts, anxiety, I’m sad, I’m angry. I spent more days than I can count, scrolling Instagram feed, comparing myself and my appearance, feeling like I’m not good enough, feeling that I do not have a huge number of things. I struggled trying to be confident. Because I always feel not good enough. Every day for me is a battle. I write this now not to evoke pity or sympathy, but to say that I’m a human… I am a young woman, I only comprehend and recognize myself, and it’s really awfully hard. Hard to figure out who you really are, but even harder when you constantly compare with others. There are days when I just break down because of this. It would be incredibly cool if all women could find the strength to support each other, stop criticizing other women, making them feel worse than they really are. Each of us has shortcomings, and that will never change. What I do know is that God made us individuals for a reason, with our own beauty, personalities and our own history, because each person has a definite plan and purpose, and each of us is a work, not a bug! So this year I will do my best to just be yourself and be more confident. I’ve had enough. I so loved. And you also enough. I already love you, too”, — stated in the message, writes likeinua.com.