Heavy rains awaited: civil security on the watch

The heavy rains expected in Estrie could inflate the rivers in the coming days.
The Municipal Organization of Civil Security (OMSC) of the City of Sherbrooke broadcast Thursday afternoon a newsletter on the risks of flooding downtown.

Weather forecasts anticipate significant amounts of rain at the end of the day Thursday and the following night, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the level of the Saint-Fran├žois River.

This rise should be manifested in mid-day on Friday and reach its maximum on the night of Saturday, it adds.

“Rigorous monitoring will be done to monitor the situation. We are confident that the spacecraft will remain below the “Alert” level in accordance with the specific contingency plan associated with flood risk, “says Newsletter # 1.

“The vigilance of the heads of the OMSC missions is required. ”

Environment Canada predicts that there will be a total of 50 to 80 millimeters of rain in the area from Thursday evening to Friday morning. Sometimes heavy rain is forecast. “The soil, already near the saturation level, has a low capacity to absorb other amounts of rain,” says the state-owned company.

“Flooding is possible in places in the lowlands. Torrential rains can cause flash floods and water accumulation on roads. ”

100 km / h winds

Friday’s rain will be accompanied by strong southwesterly winds, Environment Canada said in an alert released Thursday afternoon. They could blow up to 100 kilometers an hour.

The buildings could be damaged, warns it. Wind could carry loose objects to a surface and cause injury or damage.

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