Here is what will happen to your body if 30 minutes dip your feet in this solution

Вот что будет с вашим телом, если на 30 минут опустить ноги в этот раствор

The following method of detoxification is commonly practiced in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese have used it for centuries, and thus only emphasized its effectiveness, writes lifter with reference to Wonderneed.

They believed that this should be done through the feet, as they are rich in multiple energy bands associated with the internal organs of the body.

This method cleanses your body of toxins!

Ion foot bath.

This water contains electrolysis, which consumes electric current to produce a chemical reaction.

First of all, open your pores with warm water. Then add salt, which will act anti-inflammatory. Ions contained in the salt will be absorbed through the feet, and thus will have a detoxifying effect.

Water will change its color and become darker due to accumulation of toxins.


2 cups baking soda;

1 Cup sea salt;

1 Cup Epsom salts (Epsom salt);

your favorite essential oil (optional).


Put all the ingredients in boiling water and wait for them to dissolve. Then cool the mixture to a comfortable temperature and stick her feet for half an hour. All the irritation will be eliminated, and fatigue as a hand lift.

Oxygen bath for detox.


1 tbsp. dry ginger powder;

2 cups of hydrogen peroxide.


Fill the tub with hot water and then add ingredients. Soak her feet for about 30 minutes. You will be surprised how much to transform your legs!

Foot bath with clay.


½ Cup Epsom salts;

½ Cup of your favorite clay.


Mix the salt and the clay in the bath water. Hold her feet (approximately 20 minutes). This will increase the magnesium level in your body and cleanse the body.

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