Hesitant to call in reinforcement in the CHSLD

Hésitants devant l’appel en renfort dans les CHSLD

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The government Legault tries by all means to find personnel to fill shortages in NURSING homes.

The government’s decision to send reinforcements in NURSING homes is facing a certain resistance. Even if they recognize the urgency of the situation, the health workers reassigned to denounce the “disorganization” of the network and are afraid of creating other problems elsewhere.

“My colleagues orderlies are called at any hour of the day or night and they are “pitched out” in old people’s homes, where there is no protection. A colleague has even been changed five times in a week. We walk from one side to the other and then passing a hot zone contaminated to a cold zone, which is not. This is hell, ” lamented in a cry from the heart a woman to the beneficiaries of Chicoutimi, of which we are silent about the identity as that of a few other interviewees. “They are in the process of emptying the hospital of all its employees. And when we don’t want to go there, they send us on leave without pay. Our union does not advocate for us even more. There is more person to work shifts to evening. “

A social worker in the youth sector, Elisa has been reallocated, with a dozen members of his team, in a two-CHSLD de Montréal. She would have been able to perform the work of a care attendant, but she chose the other option, is to offer psychological support to the workers, even if it puts a band-aid on a broken arm “, according to her.

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“I got the impression that “patch” in something that is not my field, ” she said. I don’t want to say that the elderly are not important, far from it. But it is so frustrating to see that someone has gutted our team and that there is more person to the youth services. It is confronting. A year ago, a little girl of Granby died in a context that is horrible, and I would not be surprised that it happens again. “

All the people called in reinforcement to which The Duty has talked to agree : there is a crisis, and it is important to go lend a hand. But at what price ? will they ask.

It angry our members because it sends the message that what they are doing in mental health, this is not important

— Christelle Luce

“Go into NURSING homes to provide psychological support to the teams in time of crisis […] it’s no problem to psychologists, has assured Christelle Luce, of the Association of psychologists of Quebec. On the other hand, when they are jettisoned their load to be sent to do the tasks of orderlies, such as providing meal trays, change covers and emptying trash, it worries us. “

For the moment, a dozen psychologists, CIUSSS the North of the Island of Montréal and the Lanaudière region have received training to work in NURSING homes. “It puts in anger our members because it sends the message that what they are doing in mental health, this is not important,” says Mrs. Luce. Steve Garceau, of the Alliance of professional and technical staff of the health and social services (APTS), speaks of a management “chaotic” of the network.

“One of our members has been called to work so she was tested for the COVID-19. It seems to me that it’s been a long time that it is clear : if you wait for the result of the test, you stay at home ! “

Other nonsense according to him : the workers who do the in-home support must now walk to a ltc facility to another, thus increasing the risk of spreading.

Call for help

The government Legault tries by all means to find personnel to fill shortages in NURSING homes. “The situation has greatly deteriorated in the last few weeks, noted the prime minister. Today, there are 1250 employees, just in the CHSLD, which are absent, or they are infected, or they have the fear of being infected or for any other reason […]. “These absences can add pressure in facilities which were already suffering from a lack of staff.

François Legault reiterated his call for help to people with ” all kinds of medical training “, whether they are specialist doctors, retirees of the health network, teachers in the nursing and medical care, or employees of social economy enterprises that provide home care.


Quebec has experienced its worst balance sheet on Tuesday, the number of dead from the COVID-19 went from 360 to 435. This is an increase of 75, or one and a half times the sad record of 48 reached on Saturday.

After having weighed the ” balance of inconvenience “, Québec will as soon as Thursday to carers already known by the directions of the CHSLD to go lend a hand to the attendants to the beneficiaries if they wish. “These are people who go regularly, before the pandemic, provide food, hydration or hygiene,” said Mr. Arruda. It has roughly 10 % of people in NURSING homes who have this kind of caregivers. “

And 92 % of the institutions have already contacted the families involved, according to the prime minister. “I want to be clear, however : if you are not a caregiver that is identified by the responsible institutions, the prohibition of the visits remains,” he warned.

Caregivers will be able to go and just care for the person they know.

“If you are a person who is not in this category, I ask you not to put pressure or complain against the choices that will be made by the institutions,” said Mr. Arruda.


Hésitants devant l’appel en renfort dans les CHSLD

691 new persons reported as positive to the COVID-19 have been recorded in Quebec on Tuesday, bringing the total to 14 248. The number of people hospitalized to treat their symptoms has increased to 57. In all, 936 people were hospitalized, of which 230 to the intensive care unit. These care units specialty count 4 more patients.

Teachers in reinforcement

As to some of the 2600 teachers that the government wants to requisition, they are still waiting for the guidelines, which should be communicated to them on Wednesday. The president of the autonomous Federation of education, Sylvain Mallette, deplores the fact that school boards are already ” over the heads of the unions “.

“You come to inform me that the CIUSSS of the Laurentians has made his application needs one of the employers and that the school board has forwarded the names. Without even discussing with the trade unions, he reports. We do not deny the importance of pushing to the wheel, but it is not true that it’s going to work like that, with blows of the whip. “

With Mylène Crête

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