Hiring managers: confusion reigns at the ministry of Health

Embauche de cadres: la confusion règne au ministère de la Santé

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The minister of Health, Danielle McCann

The ministry of Health has hired almost two times less frames in health that said Danielle McCann, last week. And nothing right now suggests that these new hires will help reduce the shortage that it has evoked in tv interview Sunday.

On Friday, the minister of Health said in a parliamentary commission that the government had hired hundreds of executives in recent weeks. “We have already acted by adding more than 400 executives in the network of health and social services “, she said, adding that the hiring of directors for each of the NURSING homes was ” a high priority “.

Sunday, she spoke again to the issue everyone is talking about. The host Guy A. Lepage, who asked him if there was “dead wood” in the local administrations, she answered that, on the contrary, it ” was missing from the wood “.

“There are a lot of managers who are gone. It has 2500 managers less than in 2015, ” said the minister, referring to the reform Card. “There are 1,200 managers whose positions have been abolished, and there are others who are gone. […] There is a link missing. “

However, upon verification, the department has not really started to tackle the problem. First, these are not 400 executives who have been hired, but 243.

In addition, the department was not able to tell if some of them had been placed at the head of residences for seniors as had been suggested by the minister Friday.

Finally, it is not true hires or replacements, since most of them are there temporarily for the crisis of the COVID-19. “We talk about the new hires in the specific context of the [pandemic]. These hires can compensate for the absenteeism or a [surplus] of temporary work, ” said ministry spokesman Robert Maranda.

This information is confirmed also at the local level.

The CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal, for example, it has required the services of 8 frames additional, all of which are assigned to new executive positions, temporary COVID “.

The small group includes a coordinator of activity that worked for one month and an activity head, which remained only one day. The other six managers are assigned to the ” coordination of activities “, to ” the squad and individual protective equipment “.

On the North Shore, it is stated that the five frames are added to the team since march, are there “to serve new needs in link with the COVID-19″ and ” non [not for] replacement of existing items “. And so on for the other five CISSS who responded to questions of Duty.

Not recruited via the ” I contribute “

To add to the confusion, the office of the minister stated on two occasions the Duty on Monday that 400 people had been recruited via the platform ” I contribute “, information subsequently confirmed by the ministry.

However, on Tuesday evening, the ministry had written to the Duty that this was not the case. “The provenance of the managers hired are not that of the site I contribute to, but a set of concerted efforts to find qualified professionals. “

For what is at stake in this story, some think that the idea of the minister is good, even if it is not confirmed on the ground. Too bad we do not speak of “sustainable solutions,” notes Chantal Marchand of the Association of managers in health and social services (AGSSS).

“Bring us the managers of the vicinity. A manager who supervises employees in seven or eight different schools, it is not true that he is there every day. “

At the present time, there are in the network 300 managers less than what was authorized after the reform Bar, ” she continues, mentioning that the views of management positions in the network were already high before the crisis of the COVID-19.

The network needs not only of managers in NURSING homes, ” says Merchant. “Look at the commission Laurent, it takes people in youth protection, rehabilitation… “

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