Hockey quality after quarantine?

Du hockey de qualité après la quarantaine?

Du hockey de qualité après la quarantaine?

The COVID-19 has hindered the momentum of the Flyers and Claude Giroux


June 2, 2020 19: 14

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Hockey quality after quarantine?

Stephen Whyno

The Canadian Press

The Philadelphia Flyers were one of the teams of the time in the NHL at the time when the activities have been paused. But Claude Giroux recognizes that it is not possible to predict what it will be at the time when the season will resume.

“We are the face of the unknown,” said Giroux.

Among the many questions surrounding the relaunch of the NHL despite the pandemic of sars coronavirus, there is that of the quality of the product on the ice after a break of several months.

In a team sport, the rhythm and cohesion are two important things and the players will not have a lot of time to regain their bearings before the fight for the Stanley cup.

“We want to play great hockey, said the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, John Tavares. This is not an exact science. We never passed by there before, but we wanted to make the best decision for everyone to be safe while providing the hockey of very high quality.”

Unlike basketball, where a player can dominate, by itself, the allure of a game and carry his team on his shoulders, the hockey shines, thanks to the synchronicity between the players — knowing where his teammate is, or will be, for a pinpoint pass. The synchronism among the three is the key to success, and it is this that could play tricks on some of the teams after so much time out of the rink.

“We want to play the great game of hockey. This is not an exact science. ”

John Tavares of Maple Leafs

With the exception of a handful of players recovering from injuries, living in Sweden or having access to an outdoor skating rink, the vast majority of players have not skated since the stop of the 12 march.

Some players have expressed concerns regarding the quality of the game during the revival, which the winger of the Winnipeg Jets Patrik Wool, who was expected to be “terrible” at his return on the ice. Several guards may also be worn during the recovery activities.

The aspect of team

The defender of the Pittsburgh Penguins Kristopher Letang believes that training in small groups of up to six players will be enough to get back in shape. He thinks that the camps will be used mostly for coaches to evaluate their staff and players to regain their cohesion.

“The skating and the physical aspect, it goes on, told the captain of the Blue Jackets of Columbus Nick Foligno. It is the aspect of team, the game system, the sensations, where everything will be a bit more complicated. These are things that develop by repeating the same actions day after day.”

Even if the teams should play two games preparatory before the first “real” games, the speed at which the players will find their cohesion could be the difference, especially in the qualifying rounds in the best-of-five matches.

“We’re going to have to quickly regain our good feelings, remind us of the basic principles of our game, said Foligno. The team that will find its bearings, the more quickly is going to be successful.”

All of these factors will make the series especially unpredictable.

“There will be teams that will be disappointed, because the wind was clipped from their sails. There may also be injury during the camps, if the players push too fast, said the general manager of the Predators of Nashville, David Hair. This will be a never-before-seen.”

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