Holidaymakers confined, hardware stores overwhelmed

Vacanciers confinés, quincailliers débordés

Vacanciers confinés, quincailliers débordés

The customers are in line at the store Canac of the rue Bernier in Charlesbourg.


May 21, 2020-4: 00 am


Holidaymakers confined, hardware stores overwhelmed

Myriam Boulianne

The Sun

With the arrival of the good weather and the containment, several Quebec, deprived of their holiday plans, turn to the landscaping of their yard. Result : the craze for stores specialized in the sale of accessories and outdoor furniture is a significant increase compared to last year. The owners plan even renew their inventory earlier than usual.

“This is the first time I see such a busy evening,” says François Gendron, director of the hardware store Canac in Charlesbourg. In the position for seven years in the same branch, he believes even having to renew its inventory in June rather than in September.

Same sound of bell on the side of Martin Boivin, co-owner of Centre de renovation Home Hardware in Charlesbourg. “Compared to spring past, it is very excessive, it is two times more traffic than usual. Sometimes there are 20 to 30 customers waiting outside”, he says.

He feels that it should soon be ordering the “back-up” of the most popular products, such as lawn chairs and barbecue grills. “Normally, I renew the seasonal products in mid-June, but already, he begins to miss”, he adds.

Vacanciers confinés, quincailliers débordés

Many canadians, deprived of their holiday plans, turn to the landscaping of their yard.

Sun, Yan Doublet

The two men do, however, anticipate not hire new employees. “Our recruitment of summer was held in the month of February, while the pandemic has not begun. For the moment one handles the situation well,” says Mr. Gendron.

However, in the Pro of the Patio, the company has had to hire seasonal staff additional. “Usually, it provides with three employees. But this year, it is five,” says councillor Brigitte Levesque, whose sales have already quadrupled compared to last year.

Despite the additional personnel, Ms. Levesque said that the request is “extraordinary” and that they have difficulty providing. “Normally, within 24 to 48 hours, responding to quote requests online. Here, I have emails that date back a week and I’m not even made to read,” she says.

“People know they will not be able to travel this year and that there is nothing certain for next year. Therefore, they invest much on the development outside their home,” says Ms. Levesque.

Trade in the south for the house

Because of the confinement, the majority of its customers were ahead of their projects, patios, and solariums. The installation of such products ranges from 4 000 $ to 75 000 $. “People save money for their vacation. Therefore, they have already accumulated a portion of this amount. However, we do not expect people to invest as much for their homes this year”, said she.

Same reasoning on the side of François Gendron, who sees increased sales in all that is seasonal : barbecues, all relaxing, patios, etc, He, too, attributes this popularity to the fact that people will use their travel budget to improve the comfort of their home.

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