Homecoming : If you do spy not even the series Amazon Prime with Julia Roberts, you made a big mistake !

It’s been a few days that the novelty Homecoming with Julia Roberts is available on Amazon Prime and it tells you why you should not miss it.

The new series Homecoming is available on Amazon Prime Video since November 2, and we hope that you have already been able to to take a look ! If you are still full of hesitation, these are some of the reasons to go in and binger its 10 episodes, 30 minutes each. The first reason is easy to guess : Julia Roberts. The actress that it no longer has swapped the big screen for the small and it is a total success. Compelling, brilliant and touching, it embodies Heidi Bergman, a social worker/psychologist assigned to assist the soldiers to reintegrate into civilian life. Tower tower lost or determined, Julia Roberts creates empathy instant for her character and its dramatic history.

Homecoming : Si vous ne matez pas encore la série Amazon Prime avec Julia Roberts, vous faites une grosse erreur !

Julia Roberts at the summit of his art

The plot, incidentally, is the 2nd reason don’t hesitate to look at Homecoming. At first glance, the story of this social worker who helps ex-soldiers did not what to return the brain. Yet from the first episode we realize that the rehabilitation centre hides a reality that is well murky which Heidi will she also be a victim. The tension and the mystery which reigns around the center, called “Homecoming”, is built over the episodes until we are completely caught up. By giving the answers to the dropper, the series maintains a curiosity constant, mixed with sometimes anxiety and anger. In short the plot takes the road from the beginning to the end, and Homecoming is one of those series that it’s hard not to binger.

Homecoming : Si vous ne matez pas encore la série Amazon Prime avec Julia Roberts, vous faites une grosse erreur !


Finally, the third reason not to miss is his incredible achievement. Sam Esmail, known in particular for Mr Robot, once again offers plans that blend perfectly with the story they tell. A game format between 4:3 and 16:9, brand by the different chronologies of the series and help identify the main thread of the events that we have made it happen. The meaning of each scene is supported by a visual aspect worked out and original, which only adds to the fascination for the series. As for the casting, which gives the answer to Julia Roberts, Stephan James, Bobby Cannavale, and others prove to be equally compelling. In the end, you end up having to make more effort to get out of the universe of the series to enter.