Homecoming : This scene tease already season 2 and that you shouldn’t miss

All the episodes of Homecoming are available on Amazon Prime Video and if you’ve seen it all, it is time to focus on a particular scene.

Before any thing, beware of spoilers on the end of Homecoming in what will follow. The series signed Amazon Prime Video is the arrival in early November on the VOD platform and it has proved to be as successful as it is fascinating. But a scene in particular has aroused our attention : in the last scene of the season. After the credits of episode 10, you can revisit Audrey and Colin at the screen for a few minutes. Then that Colin will sign a contract assigning to it the responsibility for what happened at Homecoming, Audrey keeps an air of stoic and almost absent. When Colin then comes out of the room, she applies for who knows what on the cuffs with a roll-on which it is written “Lab use only” or “only for use in the laboratory.”

Homecoming : Cette scène qui tease déjà la saison 2 et qu'il ne fallait pas rater

Julia Roberts will return ?

The application of this roll-on has an immediate effect because of very agitated and trembling, Audrey becomes quiet again. The end of the first season of Homecoming – including 2 seasons had been directly ordered by Amazon Prime, should so well to lay the foundations for the future. What is this medicine Audrey applies on the wrists ? The tests of Homecoming will be extended to the civilians in order to eradicate any form of stress and anxiety ? And who is this mysterious Mr Geist ? According to some theories, it may be that Audrey and Mr Geist is not one and the same person. This would not be the first time that Sam Esmail uses this process, and the formulation of Colin when he turns to Audrey to tell her about Mr Geist sows doubt… anyway even if the mystery is still hovering around Mr Geist, one thing is for sure : the basics of the plot are raised, and they promise a second season just as fascinating.