House of Hummingbird: survive his ill-being ****

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

Eunhee (Park Ji-hoo), 14-year-old abandoned by his parents, wanders often alone in Seoul.


June 23, 2020

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House of Hummingbird: survive his ill-being ****

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

Eric Moreault

The Sun

CRITIC / House of Hummingbird (Beolsae) arrives in North America covered a plethora of prizes, including best film in the Generation 14 plus section at the Berlinale 2019. One understands why. Of exquisitely delicate, it translates with a remarkable finesse to the dismay of a teenager who seeks to enhance his well-being.

Almost at the very end of this drama nuanced and restrained, Eunhee (excellent Park Ji-hoo) asks : “When will my life she will start to brighten up ?” The whole essence of the story is there. The teenager aged 14 years, neglected, has nothing to do with a rebel and a heart in the right place. But it constantly feels foreign to what surrounds it. And the woes are piling up.

The difficulties at the school (whom she does not love) ; the discharges are friendly and sentimental ; suicide suspected his uncle ; the constant bickering of his parents ; his elder brother that fighting with impunity, without a valid reason; and this tumor is that it is necessary to remove the risk of facial paralysis…

In his thirst for the absolute, dotted with small and large existential questions that obscure her horizon, Eunhee will find a ray of the sun : Young-ji (Kim Sae-byuk). His new teacher seems to be the only one to understand his dismay. She quickly takes of affection (and admiration) for this mentor to personality-mysterious but frank, who helps her to accept.

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

Eunhee’s going to find a ray of sunshine : her professor Young-ji (Kim Sae-byuk).

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For this second feature-length film, Kim Bora has tapped into his memories to evoke a disaster, which has deeply marked the South Korea in 1994 : the collapse of the bridge Seongsu and 32 dead. The disaster occupies a central point in the film.

Quest story that follows the point of view of Eunhee, House of Hummingbird, is also an unequivocal denunciation, and yet subtle, of a patriarchal society that treats women as second-class citizens (at least at the time).

The connection also doubles as an in-depth examination of the dysfunctions of the family to the ado, the third and last of the siblings. Eunhee seeks love, after a boy and then a girl, because she is unable to obtain a little bit of his parents, especially his mother, and his sister and his brother.

While Parasite of Bong Joon-ho (Oscar for best film 2020) and provided a read-a panoramic view of the south Korean company today, House of Hummingbird x-ray instead of his cell the most intimate. In this perspective, the approach of Kim Bora (The Recorder Exam, 2011) was similar to that of Hirokazu Kore-Eda (A family business, like father, like son…).

As the great japanese filmmaker, Bora has taken the approach wait and see and almost documentary in which each shot, beautifully cut and implicit, that seeks to maximize the emotional impact. An approach that requires a certain patience.

The moving open-end is consistent with all of the above. In short, a film remarkable.

House of Hummingbird is available in original version with English subtitles on the platform of the Modern Cinema.

The generic

Rating : ****

Title : House of Hummingbird

Genre : Drama

Director : Kim Bora

Players : Park Ji-hoo, Kim Sae-byuk

Duration : 2: 18

House of Hummingbird: survivre à son mal-être ****

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