How to get rid of burnout at work: tips that will help you

Як позбутися вигорання на роботі: поради, які вам допоможуть

How to cope with burnout at work

Lack of rest, adequate sleep, excessive load can cause burnout. Also negatively you can affect a disappointment in their own abilities. What to do to stop the process of burnout.

How to get rid of burnout?

You need to improve somefuncint – faith in their actions and ability to achieve success. When it falls, comes the burnout.

According to researchers from Stanford University, the level of your self-efficacy depends on these four factors:

  • Direct experience. After successfully completing an important thing, you become confident and inspired. It is the most reliable source of personal effectiveness.
  • Indirect experience. When others succeed in business that you want to achieve success, it’s inspiring. Especially if the people you look up to. Thoughts: “If others can, I can.”
  • Beliefs. Savepicture increases when a person important to you says you will do it. For example, parents, husband, mentor.
  • Physiological and psychological state. Anxiety, stress, and constant fatigue reduce your self confidence.

Як позбутися вигорання на роботі: поради, які вам допоможуть

Take gradual steps that will help you gain confidence

These exercises will help to cope with burnout

Gradually increase the tempo

Burnup will not work immediately to write a long article or create a new product. Start small. Small victories will gradually strengthen you. Use the resulting burst of confidence to achieve success in great tasks. Later you will return to a normal level of efficiency.

Don’t forget about visualization and self-hypnosis

The basis of auto-suggestion is a change in the subconscious beliefs. To do this, again and again to repeat positive attitudes. And they must be emotional reinforcement. For example, each morning say to yourself several times: “I Have high savepicture. Sometimes I vigorou, but then recover and prosper.”

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Try to become an example for others

You naginata others by example as they strengthen faith in their own strength. Remind yourself about this. Their emotional recovery and increased performance will inspire you in return. Get a vicious circle, useful for all.

Master anxiety

For many anxiety is one of the main factors that reduce self-efficacy. To deal with it, follow this plan:

  • If you notice yourself in the excitement – pause;
  • Show disturbing thoughts;
  • Evaluate how they are justified.

So once notice that savepicture is on the decline: there are cynical thoughts about work and alienation, immediately run the course of these exercises.