Huawei confirms it will develop its own operating system

Huawei confirme développer son propre système d'exploitation

In the Face of a potential ban on the use of technologies in the us, so Android, Huawei takes the lead. The firm has confirmed on the social network Weibo to develop its own OS.

Huawei has very big problems with the USA. And for good reason : the country of Uncle Sam has asked the allies to close the door to the 5G to the chinese company. It must be said that the United States accuses Huawei put in place a wide system of espionage, a charge that formally denies the company. Suffice to say that this could be at any time be prohibited for use on american technologies (such as ZTE, which had, in the end, escaped from this prohibition). And who says american technologies said the Android, operating system developed by Google that team with all the smartphones of Huawei.

Huawei confirme développer son propre système d'exploitation

Huawei is developing its own operating system, rumored for a long time evoked , but confirmed on the social network Weibo by Bruce Lee, vice-president of the mobile division to the chinese company. The manufacturer, who has submitted a smartphone with a small notch placed in a corner of the screen, does not, of course, replace at a day’s Android for its OS. This solution is nothing other than a spare wheel in case things get gâteraient with the USA. Not to mention that for the past several months, several countries close the doors to the facilities 5G Huawei for fear of espionage, too.