Huawei formalizes the date of the presentation of the Nova 4

Huawei officialise la date de présentation du Nova 4

The sensor front-end sub-slab seems to be the new concern of the builders. In the meantime to be able to offer this technology, Huawei has decided to tweak with the Nova 4 that it unveiled the date of the presentation.

Huawei is the second manufacturer in the world. An amazing breakthrough that would allow the chinese giant to overtake Apple in recent quarters. It must be said that its models have an excellent price/quality ratio while the innovations are linked together. The last in date ? A tiny notch in one corner of the screen for the Huawei Nova 4. A choice explained by the firm that wishes to provide the best possible solution until one day allow for housing the sensor front-end under the slab. In the meantime, Huawei has announced on the chinese social networks about the date of the presentation of the Nova 4.

Huawei officialise la date de présentation du Nova 4

It is the 17th of December to come in China, the veil will be lifted on the Nova 4. Here, not launch to the international way Huawei Mate 20, it would appear that the firm aims rather the chinese market. The visual unveiled by Huawei, which was confirmed by the same opportunity to develop its own OS, in any case, a lot about this famous notch that is supposed to be discreet. There is no doubt that the giant will one day come up with the sensor under the screen , but only today is the best possible solution. As a reminder, the Huawei Mate 20 provides a fingerprint reader nestled in the heart of the plate !