Huawei showcases a smartphone with a small notch on the corner of the screen

Huawei présente un smartphone avec une petite encoche sur le coin de l'écran

How to minimize the notch before it can accommodate the sensor under the screen ? This is the question that Huawei has attempted to respond with a Nova 4 with a tiny hole on the screen.

The notch has been widely democratized by iPhone X, which should boost its production in the face of the disappointing results of the new models, and adopted by many smartphones. Since then, the builders cunning of all to provide a result much less light and capable of accommodating the required sensors to facial recognition. This is particularly the case of the upcoming phone from the chinese company Huawei : the Huawei Nova 4. And for cause : the phone, to be presented during the anniversary of the singer Jackson Yee, has a small hole as a notch in an upper corner of the screen.

Huawei présente un smartphone avec une petite encoche sur le coin de l'écran

But Huawei does not just offer this tiny notch, without explanation of the reasons. For the chinese company, that the USA are trying to short-circuiting by encouraging the allies to the block, it is a temporary solution before you can house the sensor front-end under the screen. As a reminder, the Huawei Mate 20, latest smartphone of the manufacturer, offers a fingerprint reader under the slab. A first major step forward for the telephony market. Not to mention that Huawei is decided to double the world number one, Samsung, and could arrive in the face of a meteoric rise.