Hurricane Michael continues his journey destructive to the Georgia

L'ouragan Michael poursuit sa route destructrice vers la Géorgie

L'ouragan Michael poursuit sa route destructrice vers la Géorgie

With gusts to 250km/h, the hurricane Michael has devastated the north west Florida on Wednesday.

Downgraded to category 1 on a scale of 5, the hurricane has made at least one victim, to cause a fall of a tree, and caused significant destruction in the region.

Uprooted trees and pieces of collapsed buildings illustrate the power of Michael. The continental United States had not experienced winds so violent since hurricane Andrew in ‘ 92.

The hurricane decreased in intensity in moving to Georgia which, like Florida, declared the state of disaster.

Hurricane Michael is the worst storm that the west Florida has ever known. And one of the worst storms to have reached the United States. While the hurricane continues its path of destruction through the region and leaves our State, we focus 100% on search, relief and reconstruction, “said the governor of Florida, Rick Scott.

This is the first time that a hurricane of such an intensity to strike the United States at this time of the year, the month of October, corresponding usually to the end of the hurricane season in this location.

The state of emergency declared

According to the emergency services of Florida, approximately 192 000 households are without electricity and dozens of refuges currently host thousands of residents who fled their homes.

Approximately 375 000 residents were ordered to evacuate, but a number of them prefer to stay to brave the storm.

Meteorologists predict a finish in the central Georgia on Thursday morning, before he walks away in the direction of the Atlantic Friday morning.

Donald Trump had approved on Tuesday the state of emergency in 35 counties of Florida, allowing the unlocking means additional hardware.

The leaders of the neighbouring States of Alabama and Georgia have also declared a state of disaster. North Carolina, struck in mid-September by hurricane Florence, which killed forty people and caused billions of dollars of damage, has also been placed on alert.

Florida had already been hit hard by the hurricane Irma a year ago.