“I fear that we are witnessing a second wave of improvisation,” said Anglade

«J’ai peur qu’on assiste à une deuxième vague d’improvisation», dit Anglade

«J’ai peur qu’on assiste à une deuxième vague d’improvisation», dit Anglade

The head of the liberal Party, Dominique Anglade


August 5, 2020 18h53


“I fear that we are witnessing a second wave of improvisation,” said Anglade

Jocelyne Richer

The Canadian Press

The second wave of COVID-19, which is expected in the autumn, may well be a second wave of improvisation descending on Quebec.

At least that is feared by the head of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade, who does not hide his concern.

She believes that the government Legault was not able to predict the outbreak of the pandemic in Quebec, in the spring, with the results that we know, and everything indicates that this scenario is likely to repeat in the fall, she commented on Wednesday, during a long interview with The Canadian Press, in a cafe in Quebec, in anticipation of the parliament is back in session.

The new head of the liberal is conducting a tour of the regions, by the beginning of September, which is likely to be monopolized by the second act of the management of the health crisis.

“I fear that we are witnessing a second wave of improvisation. And that, you really have to avoid”, according to Ms. Anglade, who is not reassured by the speech from the government.

She insists : “It is necessary that we say true things : this is a government that has nothing anticipated”, in the first wave of transmission of the virus, which has infected around 60,000 people and broke the lives of more than 5000 patients to date.

She gives the example of the beginning of the school year in a few weeks, which suggests, she says, “once again, this is a government that does not anticipate” problems.

It says that the network of education no longer grants any credibility to the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, who must submit next week a revised plan of the health measures recommended at the back in the classroom.

The mother of three school-age children, she blamed the minister for not having provided “the beginning of a response” to the thousand and one questions that parents and teachers have for months on how things should happen in the classroom.

“It amazes me to read”, slice Ms. Anglade, who says he is very comfortable in his new role as party leader.

She made the same observation on the management of the crisis in the health network, showing that they were particularly concerned by the reports of thousands of surgeries, due to the load shedding, commissioned by the government in the spring to free up thousands of beds in the hospitals.

Management Arruda criticized

The choice of prime minister François Legault to confirm recently the Dr. Horacio Arruda in his capacity as national director of public health is also questionable.

She complains to Dr. Arruda, who “says one thing and its opposite”, to have refused to answer for his actions. “He has not responded to the questions, questions that are essential” on his management of the record during the two months preceding the outbreak of the crisis, in January and February, while, on the international scene, the signs of a pandemic were on the rise.

“How is it that we have not anticipated?” the crisis in Quebec, questioned it, pointing out that the government had delayed too long, having waited for the march 9, before creating a cell of crisis.

It also notes that Quebec, unlike British Columbia, has never prohibited the transfer of employees in homes for the elderly, a significant cause of spread of the virus, and that the staff of the health network had failed to deal with a shortage of medical equipment, in the spring.

Bill 61 : 2

Ms. Anglade is expected to play more than ever in its role of “watchdog” in the national Assembly, in his shoes as head of the official opposition, when one knows that the government will soon submit a new version of its bill 61, which is designed to revive the economy by accelerating the processing of hundreds of infrastructure projects.

This bill, championed by minister Christian Dubé, died on the order paper in June, criticized by all the opposition parties. It is the minister Sonia LeBel that will take over.

It does indeed “no doubt” in his mind that the government Legault, of how “cynical” and “authoritarian”, is used then the health crisis, to circumvent the rules in force and arrogate new powers.

It promises, therefore, to criticize the government without mercy, whenever necessary, but is also committed to present ideas and propose solutions.

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