I have not long: it became known that the Tendril said Gassieva after the fight

Мне недолго осталось: стало известно, что Усик сказал Гассиеву после боя

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik defeated the Russian Murat Gassieva in the final of the world Boxing series (WBSS). Meeting in Moscow ended with a unanimous decision in favor of the Crimea, reports the observer.

After the battle, the Mustache came up to the Ossetians to hug and thank him for the fight.

“You’re young, you still all ahead, and I’m gone. You’re handsome!” said Usyk opponent.

Note that the Tendril made a splash in Moscow, coming into the ring under the Ukrainian song.

In addition, on the undercard of the finale WBSS victory by knockout got one more Ukrainian boxer.

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