Identified the TOP 10 products that Ukraine exports

 Определены ТОП-10 товаров, которые экспортирует Украина

In January-September 2018 Ukraine exported products in the food and agricultural industry in the amount of $11.4 billion.

As informs analytical Department of the Council for food exports (UFEB), first place is occupied by crops, which this year exported $4.8 billion.

Next are the fats and oils, prepared edible fats, waxes ($3.2 billion) seeds and fruits of oil plants, straw and fodder ($1.4 billion) meat and edible offal ($478,9 million) milk and dairy products, birds eggs, natural honey ($346,5 million).

TOP 10 keywords of products that Ukraine exported to foreign markets in the first 9 months of 2018:

  • sunflower oil ($2.9 billion)
  • corn ($2.3 billion)
  • wheat ($2 billion)
  • rapeseed or canola ($700 million)
  • soybeans ($600 million)
  • barley ($460 million)
  • poultry meat ($380 million)
  • sugar ($150 million)
  • chocolate ($119 million)
  • soybean oil ($117 million).

Exports of poultry meat rose by 29% compared to the previous year, while chocolate – on 21%. The volume of overseas sales of soybean oil increased by 18%, seed 15%, wheat – 6%.

The total volume of goods of the TOP 10 products accounted for 85% of the total value of exported products in the food and agricultural industry.

As reported, the Ukrainian agroeksport brought more than $10 billion.