If the Tendril is serious: in Britain trying to “take the bluff” Mustache

Если Усик серьезен: в Британии пытаются "взять на понт" Усика

British promoter Eddie Hearn outlined the prospects of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik (15-0, 11 KO’s) in hawaiite. Company Brit deals with local boxer Tony Bellew (30-2-1, 20 KO’s). “Bomber” (nickname Underwear) our compatriot challenged immediately after the final fight of the world Boxing series, which won the title of absolute world champion in the first heavy weight, reports the observer.

In Boxing Matchroom (Hearn promotion company) is not willing to sign an agreement with the Mustache.

“If the Barbel are serious in intentions to move to the heavyweight division, he needs to cooperate with us. After all, we have the man of the match with which he wants champion Anthony Joshua. So if he thinks he can beat the Underwear on offer to him after this meet Gilliana white. If he passes both, then you can talk about the fight against Joshua” – quoted’hearn vringe.com.

According to the promoter, Belew wants all the belts Moustache. He after going into “strands” and two wins for David Haye ready to go back in kruzerveyt.

“After winning Moustache on Murat by Gassieva, the Ukrainian took the fight to Bellew. Tony called me almost immediately and said he wanted to fight with the Mustache,” concluded Hearn.

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