Illan (10 couples perfect 2) at war with Célia since the shooting, he insults and it’s violent

Between Illan and his former girlfriend of 10 couples perfect 2 Célia, it is war.

Before landing (still) on our screens in The Villa of broken Hearts 4, Illan is always talk about him for his involvement in the second season of 10 couples perfect 2. A few days ago, the seducer has entrusted to our colleagues of TéléStar on his adventure, and as you say, it is no longer Celia, who was reacting to his lynching in 10 couples the perfect 2 in his heart. If the young woman had a right to the favours of the candidate on the filming, things are beautiful and well finished, as explained in Illan, who did not hesitate to tackle : “Célia is a vicious, it has the vice, it does not assume anything. We slept together while I was in a relationship with Hilona”.

Illan (10 couples parfaits 2) en guerre avec Célia depuis le tournage, il l'insulte et c'est violent

According to Illan, Célia would therefore be just as guilty as him for his deception in the back of Hilona, and the young woman would have simply tried to make the buzz in the attacker during the broadcast of the program : “Until the broadcast of the program, I got along very well with both. I excused myself to Hilona because it was my girlfriend, but not with Celia. Who apologizes to his mistress ? It doesn’t exist”. Clearly, war is declared between the two “ex” ! And by his side, Tony swayed on his couple with Mélanight in 10 couples perfect 2. You will see that it is rather amazing.