Impact: the challenge of leaving the “machine”

Impact: le lourd défi de repartir la «machine»

Impact: le lourd défi de repartir la «machine»

The men of Thierry Henry appear to be in good physical condition despite the long break caused by the COVID-19.


June 9, 2020 20h11

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Impact: the challenge of leaving the “machine”

Frederic Daigle

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — restart the machine after the break imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19 represented a challenge for the Montreal Impact, in particular for his physical trainer, Jules Gueguen.

The challenge was sort of double for him, since the home side could not take advantage of a calendar preparatory optimal this winter.

“We already had an early complex preparation, then a camp to optimal revolves around eight weeks. In six weeks, we can manage, there’s a way to make the quality. Lower than that, it becomes complex. When we started in January, we had four weeks to prepare for Saprissa [in Champions League]. Already there, it was a big puzzle,” explained the Quebec 33 years.

After two games in the league and three in the Champions League, the coronavirus has come to bring everyone to the judgment.

“It has cut our momentum, stresses Gueguen. After the match against Dallas and the first game against Olympia, we felt that the guys were beginning to roll : the duplication of effort was very good. We saw clearly the progression. If we had continued, it would have been more optimal.

“The containment, so we stopped in sec. Remember : at the beginning, we didn’t know what we could do. Could we go for a run outside? Were we forced to stay inside? There were a lot of questions. The first two weeks, it was because of the maintenance.

“It is necessary therefore to rebuild the qualities that we have lost because of the break. It is in the sprints at maximum currently, in order to rebuild the profile of players we want. The great challenge is to adapt to the times to the rules of the MLS and the government in order to do quality work.”

“In six weeks, we can manage, there’s a way to make the quality. Lower than that, it becomes complex.”

Jules Gueguen, physical trainer of the Impact

Fortunately, the group doesn’t seem to be too disoriented.

“We see that it is still the same game system and no one has forgotten,” said midfielder Clement Bayiha after the second training in small groups on Tuesday. It is that which is good. It is enough to make little reminders.”

Good physical condition

To the great relief of Gueguen and staff of Thierry Henry, no one seemed to have taken the delay in time to resume the job.

“We had the advantage of complete ascension : as we have seen in the second half of the game against Olympia that the players were on a roll and that those of Olympia were a bit collapsing. Then, there was the cut caused by the pandemic. The guys have therefore tasted a little of what Thierry wants in the quality of the effort, in the style of the game. We had reached this level before the break.

“We found them in good physical condition, but once again, it is limited. We have lost certain qualities, which the changes of direction, acceleration and deceleration, you can’t really do it on the concrete. Be corrected again a bit of everything, start from scratch on some aspects. But the guys arrived in good shape. We’ll see what happens over time.”

And Gueguen, the important thing is not to skip steps.

“It is certain that a physical level, there is a risk. In the Bundesliga, which has taken over there are four or five weeks, the number of injuries has more than tripled : they have gone from a ratio of 0.25 injuries per week of championship to 0.88. In addition to the injuries, several players come out as early as the 30th minute. […] What are the risks. According to the timelines, we will need to prepare the athletes as best as we can. It is necessary to obtain the optimal shape minimizing the risk of injury, but there is a middle ground difficult to find. It is necessary to push the machine, but not too much.”

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