Imprisoned in the United States, an inmate of quebec fears for his health

Emprisonné aux États-Unis, un détenu québécois craint pour sa santé

The Granbyen Larbi Kendkaddour is currently detained in the United States where he is serving a sentence of six years in prison for having been arrested with 165 pounds of cocaine on a highway in Ohio.

April 25, 2020 4: 30 am


Imprisoned in the United States, an inmate of quebec fears for his health

Emprisonné aux États-Unis, un détenu québécois craint pour sa santé

Karine Blanchard

The Voice of the East


Sentenced to six years in prison in the United States for cocaine trafficking, the Granbyen Larbi Benkaddour is plagued by anxiety. Inmates incarcerated at the penitentiary where he is serving his sentence have been infected at COVID-19 and it is feared to be one of the next.

The ex-city councilman Angel-Guardian has expressed its concerns about the pandemic in an e-mail sent to The Voice of the East through its joint.

Recall that he was arrested in July 2018 on a highway in Ohio with two sports bags containing 165 pounds of cocaine that he had placed in the trunk of the car he was driving. The drug has been estimated at 6.3 million us dollars.

Since he pleaded guilty to a charge of cocaine trafficking, a man of moroccan origin is incarcerated in a prison in Mason, a town in the county of Warren in Ohio, located more than 1,300 kilometres of Granby.

The coronavirus, that he nicknamed “the beast” or “the angel of death” in his e-mail, has led him to share his experience, ” he says. “I can feel the heat approaching. Death”, describes the Granbyen.

“A matter of time”

More than 3700 prisoners were declared positive at the COVID-19 across Ohio and nine have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

Hundreds of inmates who are incarcerated in the nearby prison to the one where Larbi Benkaddour is believed to be infected with the COVID-19, according to his words, and 154 members of staff. In the penitentiary where he is serving his sentence, six prisoners and five staff members have already contracted.

“It’s just a matter of time before things get worse, and my turn will arrive soon. It is necessary to be reasonable in such a situation. Because to be sure, it must be that everyone passes the test to isolate the world who has it and for the moment, this is not the case. They do not take the temperature”, he says in his e-mail.

The father of the family is concern that the virus does not gain its unity. “I am sentenced to six years in prison and not to death. If someone in my unit, everyone is going to have, because it can’t be far away one from the other, we can’t do it all the time to sanitize everything that people touch here. In other words, it is impossible to deal with this beast if it is in my unit”, he says.

His wife, who has not been seen since his arrest, has stepped up to work with different governmental bodies in Canada and the United States in the hope to convince the prison authorities to repatriate to the country to complete his sentence in a penitentiary in canada. Approaches that have not borne fruit to this day.

“No need to tell you that I would like to be close to my family,” said Mr. Bendkaddour, who has written on several occasions to be sorry for committing such a crime. They miss me, my wife and my two daughters, they who suffer much in this moment.”

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