In Borneo found the ancient image of the animal

 На Борнео нашли древнейшее изображение животного

Scientists from Australia have discovered on the Indonesian island of Borneo (Kalimantan), the image looks like a cow animal. This is supposed to be the earliest found picture of the animal, its age is estimated at 40 thousand years, reports Live science.

According to the researchers, they were aware of the cave paintings in Borneo since 1994, but didn’t know when it was painted these paintings. Now scientists have found that the age of the paintings can be divided into three periods — 52-40 thousand years ago (stencil images of animals, including wild ox banteng), 20 thousand years ago (dark purple image abstract symbols and people) and four thousand years ago (black pictures with people, boats and geometrical shapes).

We will remind, the archaeologists found the famous ship of the discoverer and the ship of the XVI century, and under the stairs of St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev, found the old icon.