In Britain, the trial of the former assistant of the author of the “Harry Potter”

В Британии начался суд над бывшей помощницей автора «Гарри Поттера»

In the UK began the trial of an assistant of the writer Joanne Rowling, Amanda Donaldson, which is accused of nezelof almost 24 thousand pounds for their own needs.

In particular, the assistant money Rowling bought expensive cosmetics, coffee, cats, and other whims. She also used the credit card of the author of the “Harry Potter” to buy branded cosmetics “office needs” in the amount of 3629 lbs, according to “Bi-Bi-si”.

Overall, JK Rowling accuses ex-assistant in the following unauthorized charges:

  • 823 pounds in a bakery;
  • 1482 lb candle company Jo Malone;
  • 3629 pounds on cosmetics Molton Brown;
  • 2139 pounds in the office store Paper Tiger;
  • 1636 pounds in Starbucks;
  • two of the cats for 1200 pounds.

Amanda Donaldson worked as the assistant writer from 2014 to 2017. She denies all charges.

The husband of the writer Neil Murray during the trial, called the assistant a “very good liar”. According to him, Mrs. Donaldson took on the job to help Rowling in organizational matters, business and personal life.

The first suspicions arose because of the Christmas dinner. So, she withdrew cash in the amount of 400 and 250 pounds in December 2016, which, as claimed by Ms. Donaldson went on the Deposit for the Christmas lunch. The accountant told the court that it had contacted the restaurant and they confirmed he was not asked about the Deposit and never got it.

Earlier, Rowling announced to his readers that originally Harry Potter was two, and in the ranking of the most popular books in the U.S., novels about Harry Potter has taken the third place.

In addition, the artificial intelligence company Botnik wrote my own novel about Harry Potter called “Harry Potter and the portrait of someone who looks like a huge pile of ashes.”